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  • It’s not a diet.
  • Your lost pounds will never return.
  • You will never be hungry.
  • You can keep your treats.
  • You will feel happy and energetic.
Arantxa Mateo, nutrition specialist and weight management mentor

Arantxa Mateo 
Weight Management Mentor

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Food is a pleasure. Nobody deserves to be on a diet.

My name is Arantxa Mateo. I’m a trained biologist and the founder of 32 Mondays Weight Loss Management Program.

I was born and grew up in Barcelona, Spain. My parents divorced when I was six years old. My older brother and I ended up living in another city with our grandmother. We used to spend long hours alone, and we learned soon enough how food could help us lift our mood and suppress our real feelings. Also, my family had the obsession to overfeed us due to the post Spanish Civil War famine trauma they had suffered.

I was overweight until my teenage years and I hated it every single day of my life  until I almost went to the other extreme being very close to anorexia. 

And I promised myself that I would never, EVER be overweight again. 

That was when I decided to study biology to learn as much as possible about the science of life, nutrition and weight management. It was then when I discovered that I could take control of what and when to eat.

My personal struggles combined with my education in biology and nutrition eventually lead me to become a nutrition specialist.

I studied modern attitude towards nutrition and realized how our relationship with food is deteriorating, to the point that it is making people fat, obese and sick.

Seeing my daughters growing up in a society that needs to redefine its relationship with food gave me the drive to develop 32 Mondays Weight Management Program, which is not a diet but rather an educational program to teach people how to manage their weight for the rest of their lives.

Today, I no longer hide my body, and I feel in perfect harmony with myself.

I am fluent in both Spanish and English, and I am excited to help you establish a new routine through my innovative program that will keep you focused on losing weight until you reach your goals.

The program is very easy to understand and follow, and it will teach you weight management skills that will keep your weight in check your whole life.

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