Welcome 2013!

OK. We are two months away from New Year and where are our New Year Resolutions?


I can see that the parking lot adjacent to Midway Fitness Center is not full every morning anymore. My own gym, quite crowded in January and February, is now much less visited. Back again to almost the same regular people from 2,3,4 and even 5 years ago…


So, you already find you don’t really have time for the gym? You tried but you are too busy?


What about the other resolutions? To lose weight, eat less, no more sweets, no butter… let me guess, too busy and too stressed to take care of that?


So you started a new diet on January 1st 2013? You lost some weight and you are struggling not only to avoid recovering the weight lost but also not to gain anymore? You didn’t even lose weight? You are still following the diet but you feel tired, hungry, angry and miserable?


Let’s talk…


As you can see in my home webpage, this is my point of view…YOU CAN'T BE ON A DIET YOUR WHOLE LIFE! You can’t start a new diet every time you have an important event, wedding, party or any other. Or every time the new “GURU” publishes a new miraculous diet. Or every spring when you think about summer, pool and beach. Or for every New Year’s resolution…


There is a better approach. To educate –reeducate- the way we see food, the way we eat it, the way we overvalue food, the way we exercise, the way we fulfill our needs, the way we sense our life…


Stay with me and I will keep feeding you with more information and tips to help you manage your weight forever in a rational and fulfilling way.

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    CN (Sunday, 24 February 2013 19:13)

    I love it, really professional, I want to read your book!! CAN SHOLULD BE CAN'T!!!