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We all love food. Enjoying eating is something as natural as life. We are born with the natural ability to love food to be able to survive. If babies didn’t like eating, they would die. Having said so, a big part of the eating process is education. Depending on how we educate our taste buds, we are going to like a specific type of food more or less. This is the part we can manage to get in control of our weight, and this is the role we need to play by cooking the foods we like that are right for us in an appropriate way.


Of course, there are exceptions. There are people who only eat to survive and who do not derive any pleasure or satisfaction from the process of eating except having enough energy to keep going on. But if you investigate a little, you’ll find that most of them had a poor education in relation to food and eating. Most of them come from families who never enjoyed the pleasure of a good meal, especially together.


There are other people who do like food and enjoy eating but who are slaves of their self-image and never see themselves thin enough so they perpetually starve themselves. You can recognize them easily. They are those skinny ladies (in general) who always show a bitter expression in their faces. Who blames them?! How can you be happy if you are never satisfied enough with you and your body, you’re continuously hungry, and you never freely enjoy a tasty meal without feeling guilty? In this case, it is a matter of poor information. If you knew better, you would learn first that it is not natural to be below our optimal weight; therefore, the body fights against it to recover the weight. The body reacts to being underweight by extracting as much energy as possible from anything consumed and at the same time expending as little energy (calories) as possible. Once you know more, you can keep almost the same weight by simply changing the way you eat with no need to starve.


My family is made up of food lovers. I once asked my aunt why was it that our family life always revolved around the kitchen and food. She answered me that it was a way to communicate love for each other, by cooking and sharing the food with love. I have to say that my family’s ancestors were all poor communicators to express their feelings, so they probably had to find a new and effective way to communicate love.


So let’s enjoy food! You already should be starting to have your healthy ingredients from the grocery store or at least you have to start to know where to locate them, and you are starting to learn how to prepare and cook good meals. You will need to have some meals mastered after five weeks of starting this method.

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