The Physical Addiction


Physical addiction affects our organism. Our body becomes used to a certain substance and after some time, it becomes difficult to function properly without it. It is difficult to manage this type of addiction because the moment you don’t take those substances, there is a withdrawal effect that makes the affected person feel physically miserable. The only way to restore your body to a normal function is to keep the addictive substance away from it for a certain period of time.


The good news about physical addiction is that once the person overcomes this withdrawal process, he/she will not feel more negative effects unless they are again exposed to the same specific substance. This new exposure will trigger the addiction once more, and the person will need to go through the withdrawal process once more. Nicotine is a very powerful, physically addictive substance. Some foods are also physically addictive. Unlike quitting smoking, the good news about overcoming addiction to certain food ingredients is that the withdrawal effects are very mild and last a very short time after the physical addiction is over. Smokers show such a strong addiction to nicotine that when they haven’t smoked for a few hours, they get really stressed and nervous. As soon as they have the opportunity, they smoke a cigarette.


Some people show a high addiction to certain foods, especially the ones with the combination fat-sugar-salt, like cookies, doughnuts, muffins, crackers, chips. Contrary to other types of physical addictions, it doesn’t take too much to break the physical addiction to those foods.

When you have that specific addictive food, there is a glucose peak and consequently a high-insulin response. When glucose is suddenly removed by insulin, there is a big drop in glucose levels. This is followed by a craving effect resulting in the person searching more for the addictive food. If you can resist this specific craving, the physical addiction of this cycle will be over very soon. Fortunately, when we change our eating and exercising habits while following the 32 Weeks Weight Management Method, we will be able to break those addictive cycles and therefore we won’t be craving that type of food anymore.


We’ll be gaining the battle with the physical related hormones. Another aspect is how to combat psychological addiction. This is related to social pressure, old habits, and the right balance of the psychological related hormones. More to come in the future posts on "Food Addiction".

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