Bad Habits

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In case social pressure wasn’t bad enough, now we have our own bad habits: skipping breakfast, the “fridge attack” as soon as we get home, a bag of chips and a Coke while watching TV, the super-mega-buttered popcorn and a huge box of candy at the movie theater, nachos with mega-fatty cheese dip when having a beer with friends, chocolate cookies while having an afternoon coffee… the list can get really long. The worst part is that you eat all of these terribly unhealthy foods without even experiencing a tiny little sense of hunger. Sometimes, we don’t even know what we are doing. These foods are just adding calories. Worse, they are adding inches to your waist without you even realizing what it is going on!!!! We’ll talk later about physical hunger and mental hunger.


Make a list of your bad habits and stick it on the door of your refrigerator. Put the list on your office desk, on your sofa, and any other convenient place to liberate yourself from those terrifying bad habits! It is true that it is difficult to break bad habits once they have been assimilated as normal. However, the good news is that if you are able to stop those bad habits, it is relatively easy to adopt new, healthy ones. Once you do that, you will live without even thinking about it, and you won’t miss your old ones. You could adopt the new habit of having a nourishing breakfast, a healthy snack mid-morning and afternoon, or get an apple when you get home or not eating at all after your after-dinner treat.


By the way, another really bad habit is to leave the table stuffed instead of satisfied. We are used to that fullness feeling and we tend to like it. Well, think of how slow and heavy you feel and think about how long it takes you to go back to “normal’ functioning.” Adopt the new habit of leaving the table just right, just satisfied! More about it at: Step 1 of the 32 Weeks Weight Management Method.


When you follow the 32 Weeks Weight Management Method, you will end your bad habits and develop good ones. When following each step and allowing the required time to settle into the new routine and recommendation, you will end changing your subconscious habits without even realizing.

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