Hormones and our Psychological Addictions


Hormones also play an important role in our psychological addictions. Hormones are directly related to our weight management by sending signals to the brain, indicating whether to make us stop feeling hungry or not, to make us stop eating or not, to make us start burning calories or not. The signals that are sent to the brain depend directly on what is going on in our body. When we overcharge our body by eating too much, or eating harmful food, or eating at the wrong time, the hormonal equilibrium is broken and the weight management system doesn’t work properly anymore. We send the wrong hormones, or at the wrong time, or in the wrong amount. We need to take care of our hormone balance by having the right food, exercise and lifestyle equilibrium. It is a very complex system. I will write about the most important hormone balance aspects related to weight management in future posts.


By the way, if we are always obsessively trying to avoid certain foods, we might end with an obsession about that food, sending the wrong messages to our mind and subsequently to the metabolic equilibrium and its related hormones. This is why this method is conceived without extremes and obsessions. It is an equilibrated and smooth trip to take you to a new dimension on how to nourish your body.


You will feel really empowered once you realize that food is not controlling your life anymore. It is you who decide what, when and how to eat in order to feel great about your nourishment and about your weight management. Once you master this power over your will, you enjoy how good eating healthy feels, and you fit into smaller sizes of clothing, there will be no way back. But you need to start by recognizing how the media and social pressure are controlling the way you eat now. You need to start fighting until your new method has been established. As an example, think how many times you eat something even though you are not really hungry, just for the sake of eating something.

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