Pancreas Burn-off and Excess of Fat Storage

If we constantly eat food with a high proportion of simple sugars (glucose, fructose) or simple carbohydrates (white bread, rice and pasta), we overload the pancreas, making it work excessively and overtiring it by constantly secreting insulin. This affects the weight metabolism and ends up breaking the equilibrium, making us gain weight. After years of mistreating our pancreas, its activity will decrease in the long term, losing its ability to generate insulin and to regulate glucose in the blood stream. When that happens, we can end up pre-diabetic or diabetic. Additionally, our body loses its ability to manage the excess of energy (in terms of food transformed into glucose), and becomes less efficient burning the excess of energy, instead storing it as fat.


Therefore, it is extremely important that we always maintain low sugar levels, but high enough to provide us with enough energy to go through our normal daily life. You will learn how to do so in practice in several of the steps in the 32 Weeks Weight Management Method.


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