Growth Hormone (GH) or Human Growth Hormone (HGH)



GH or HGH stimulates fat burning and helps muscular development, plus it strengthens your bones and reduces blood pressure. It also helps in the repair of cells and organs.


Its activity takes place at night when HGH “heals” our body. Therefore, in order to let it do its job, it is imperative that we get enough uninterrupted sleep. Also, in order to get all the energy the hormone requires for its activity, HGH burns fat accumulated in our fat storage when there is no other energy available. That means if we are interested in burning fat, no free energy should be available for the hormone by the time we go to sleep, to make HGH burn fat to get the required energy.


Practically speaking, what we are saying here is that to let our BFF or Growth Hormone work for us, we need to go to sleep early to allow at least seven hours of work. When and what we eat before going to sleep is also important. We need to eat a dinner low in carbohydrates (slows HGH) and rich in proteins (activates HGH) a few hours before going to sleep to have all direct energy already used up when we fall asleep. This would make HGH to reach out for the stored fat as an energy source. On the other hand, when we have a dinner rich in carbohydrates just before bed and we don’t sleep enough hours, we are inhibiting the action of our great ally, the Growth Hormone, missing the fat burning associated with it.


Intensive exercise stimulates HGH, therefore, night exercise is a smart option to help us lose weight. 




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