Can I Have Breakfast Cereal if I am Trying Lose Weight?

I have been asked this question so many times that writing a post about it was a must.


The Sugar in the Breakfast Cereals


Breakfast cereal and Sugar is a very interesting subject.


The truth is that it is not easy to find a breakfast cereal that average people like and doesn't taste like cardboard and with less than 14 g of sugar per serving, which is what I think is the sugar limit of any food serving.


I use myself the Kashi GoLean brand since it is a good balance that the whole family is happy with. GoLean has three main types: Original, Crunch and Crisp. And NO I am not affiliated with Kashi! It just happened to be my daughter’s favorite brand so I had to investigate before deciding to stay with it. So right now it is the brand that fits our needs in terms of nutrition and taste for me and my family.


While the Original one (the red box) has 9 grams of sugar, the Crunch has 13 gr and the Crisp has 11 gr.



The Fiber, the Protein & the Sugar Response.


The "sugar response" or insulin peak in our organism after having breakfast cereals is reduced if it is high in fiber, and it is still more if the fiber is soluble which unfortunately those cereal tend to be very low. The three Kashi Go Lean types have 10 gr, 8 gr and 8 gr of total fiber respectively. While the original one has NO soluble fiber, the crunch has 5 gr and the crisp 4 gr. 


Protein and fats also help reduce the sugar peak, so try to choose cereals high in protein and with nuts (very healthy fats!). Original Kashi Go Lean has less fat and more protein and Crunch and Crisp have more fat and less protein. 


As you can see it is difficult to choose which one is better, so what I do is to mix the Original with Crisp or Crunch, so I can balance sugars, fiber, protein and fats.


It is very important that you keep the portion sizes, which in the case of the GoLean is 1 cup for the Original and 3/4 cup for the Crisp and the Crunch. If you have 2 cups or 1 1/2 cups respectively you will end having 20 to 26 grams of sugar I a serving!


If you need to add more to your bowl, have some fruit low in sugar like strawberries or blueberries and some almonds or other nuts to add more energy, protein and fat without adding too many carbs. If you need more cereal to have more volume get those puffy cereals, bran or oats with nothing added; you already have more than enough flavor and sugar with 1 serving of the Kashi. 


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