Is it Right to Eat Bananas for Weight Loss?

One of the questions I'm being ask all the time: is it right to eat bananas for weight Loss?

Here is my answer.

Bananas is one of the fruits with higher Glycemic Index (GI) and Glycemic Load values (GL). 

When you are trying to lose weight or just get your weight under control, it is important that you maintain your blood sugar levels in equilibrium so you don’t have insulin peaks and therefore food cravings, and you don’t store excess sugars as body fat. 

Keeping an eye on the GI and GL values of the foods you are consuming, and eating low GI and GL foods and/or maintain the portion sizes is the best way to keep sugar levels in equilibrium. If you don’t know much about GI and GL and how to use them to get your weight under control you can get your free copy of my e-book where I explain those concepts and how to use them in a very easy to understand and apply way. You can also learn about healthy portion sizes in this blog post and download a free guide.

So, if you you have already checked out the GI and GL values for bananas you'll already know that are high and that there are many other fruits with lower levels. 

I always recommend to eat pears and apples instead when you are trying to get in control of your weight, because they are high in soluble fiber which makes them have a low GI and GL value.

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