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When people ask me about my favorite weight loss advice I always answer: Be Happy. When you feel happy, it is much easier to improve something so important as your relationship with food, exercise, and sleep while getting in control of your weight.
Listen to my last interview where I reveal all the things you didn't know about me.... Meet Arantxa Mateo and find out about her 32 Mondays online program and new book. She spent years researching how we can have optimum health and manage our weight for life, spurred on by being overweight when she was a child in Spain. Also learn how a near-death experience started Arantxa on her spiritual journey of self-awareness and creativity.
Do you want some weight loss advice on food addictions? Are you confused about what food addictions are? I want to give you my best weight loss advice related to food addictions.
People get bored and tired because somebody imposing you, what you have to eat and your lifestyle not taking into consideration what you like and your preferences, is a recipe for disaster. In the end it’s you the one that needs to make the changes in your diet and lifestyle to accomplish your objectives. The only way to really make those changes and maintain them is by really understand what you need to do, why and how to make them. Rather than “starting a healthy diet” is about a...
Explore with me the concept of self acceptance and get 5 tips to help you answer the inner questions of How to Accept Yourself.
How to Take a Break If You Can't Afford One
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Why you don't need willpower to lose weight.
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