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Easy Beans Recipe; Weight Management Friendly

Easy beans, weight management friendly

Easy beans, another weight management friendly recipe of my healthy filling meals series

What you Need (Serves 6)

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Why Diets Don't Work and How to Lose Weight Healthy Instead

How to Lose Weight Healthy

In my last blog post I was telling you about a new study that confirmed my point of view that cutting calories and food groups is not an effective approach to weight management. If you want to learn how to lose weight healthy, the first thing that you should always keep in mind that Diets Don’t Work! 

One thing I have learned over and over again, as a creator of my program and working with students, is that if you REALLY learn what’s important and leave aside what is not, you’ll succeed.

In my webminar Why Diets Don’t Work and How to Lose Weight Healthy Instead, which you can watch here, I cover all you need to know so you never consider dieting again and you learn how to lose weight healthy instead.

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Are You Trying to Lose Weight? The key is Quality Not Quantity Says Science

Are you trying to lose weight? The key is quality no quantity says science

If you are trying to lose weight you have probably looked at many options, and most likely you have tried cutting down on calories, a specific food group and/or increasing your exercise levels. But have you tried focusing only on the quality of the foods you eat? 

The Stanford Prevention Research Center has recently finished a study concerning the best approach when you are trying to lose weight: quality versus quantity, and I want to explore those concepts with you. 

This is a very special moment for me, as the results of the study that have just been published by the Journal of American Medical Association, support my very opinion and point of view for a healthy weight and lifestyle. That’s exactly what I have been teaching and educating my audience and clients for years. (You can read an article published in the New York Times about the study here). 

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Healthy Weight Loss Tips for Food Lovers

Healthy Weight Loss Tips for Food Lovers

Are you a food lover? If you are and you feel constantly guilty for it, I have put together a few healthy weight loss tips for you.

The problem is that we all love food. Enjoying eating is something as natural as life. We are born with the natural ability to love food to be able to survive. If babies didn’t like eating, they would die. Having said so, a big part of the eating process is education. Depending on how we educate our taste buds, we are going to like a specific type of food more or less, which can make you gain weight over time. But with some healthy weight loss tips you can be in control of your weight even if you are a food lover.

Of course, there are exceptions. There are people who only eat to survive and who do not derive any pleasure or satisfaction from the process of eating except having enough energy to keep going on. But if you investigate a little, you’ll find that most of them had a poor education in relation to food and eating. Most of them come from families who never enjoyed the pleasure of a good meal, especially together.

There are other people who do like food and enjoy eating but who are slaves of their self-image and never see themselves thin enough so they perpetually starve themselves. You can recognize them easily. They are those skinny ladies (in general) who always show a bitter expression in their faces. Who blames them?! How can you be happy if you are never satisfied enough with you and your body, you’re continuously hungry, and you never freely enjoy a tasty meal without feeling guilty? In this case, it is a matter of poor information. If you knew better, you would learn first that it is not natural to be below our optimal weight; therefore, the body fights against it to recover the weight. The body reacts to being underweight by extracting as much energy as possible from anything consumed and at the same time expending as little energy (calories) as possible. Once you know more, you can keep almost the same weight by simply changing the way you eat with no need to starve.

My family is made up of food lovers. I once asked my aunt why was it that our family life always revolved around the kitchen and food. She answered me that it was a way to communicate love for each other, by cooking and sharing the food with love. I have to say that my family’s ancestors were all poor communicators to express their feelings, so they probably had to find a new and effective way to communicate love.

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What Not to Eat to Lose Weight

When it comes to the question: What not to eat to lose weight? The answer is easy: Highly Manufactured Food

There are no magic wands or pills to lose weight but avoiding highly manufactured food is the single most effective step you can take if you want to lose weight. 

The problem is that we have become puppets. You no longer control what you feed your body. The food industry is doing it for you, and you need to learn what not to eat to lose weight.

What not to eat to lose weight

The food industry has brainstorming sessions to study the best way to hook you up to specific flavors, textures and states of mind. Then, they manufacture the products in a specific way to make you addicted to all those feelings and, finally, they develop great commercial campaigns to make you believe that is what you need. They also try to make it as cheap as possible to let you think you are drawing huge pleasure by spending little money, while experiencing great flavors. Soon we will be calling the process of eating unhealthy, highly manufactured food: “a pleasant experience” or as the food industry calls it, “entertainment.” And “voila”, they have created the most powerful weapon against your body: fast, highly manufactured food.

When you eat highly manufactured food from a fast food chain, you have no idea about all the unhealthy ingredients that have been included in that food and how it has been cooked.

 When you eat from a package, you are also eating those unhealthy ingredients, but at least you know them—or most of them—by reading the labels. But chances are you don’t have time to read the label or you don’t know how to interpret the effect of 90% of the ingredients on your body.

Let’s study an example: Monosodium Glutamate (MSG). This is a flavor enhancer used widely in processed foods and restaurants. Its consumption in high quantities is associated with higher chances of being overweight. The reason is not clear. Maybe there is just an effect on you eating more because of the enhanced taste, or maybe MSG impacts the way you metabolize fat. Either way, you should try to avoid its consumption as much as possible, but it is very common in seasoning sauces, snack foods, salad dressings, and food in some restaurants. For more information on MSG (Monosodium Glutamate), you can read this post about MSG from Heather Solos’ BLOG: Home EC 101.

Don’t let the marketing of the front of the box trick you with the “healthy” advertisement. Don’t believe it unless you see it for real in the composition and food label. You REALLY need to read the food label to be able to make the right decisions. Once you start reading the food labels, you will start buying less of the bad options and more of the good ones. Even the same product—let’s say tomato sauce—can have a really different composition. And probably the taste of the healthier one would even be better and not necessarily more expensive.

 As I said before, there is no way you can control your weight, your figure, and your health until you are able to control what you put into your body. And that, my friends, is not going to happen until you start taking control.

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Dance Styles That Can Give Some Help to Lose Weight

Dance Styles that Can give you some help to lose weight

Do you want to look strong and lose that cumbersome weight while you have fun? There are certain dance styles that when practiced on top of a healthy diet, can help to lose weight. If you have tried exercising and failed, you should try dancing. It is much more fun! Frequent dancing can also help to lower blood pressure, improve cholesterol levels, and lead to a slower heart rate. 

Here are some different dance styles that can give some help to lose weight.


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How to Keep Track of Your Weight Loss (Without Being Obsessed).

Weight management is not only about pounds. It is also about how you see yourself and feel about your body.

You should learn to enjoy that feeling of physical and psychological improvement. That felling of empowerment you get when you manage your weight appropriately.

When you use the scale to monitor your weight loss progress, you probably always end up stressed. Yet, how much you actually weigh is a very debatable question.

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How to Water Your 2018 New Year’s Resolution to Lose Weight

Weight Loss and Fitness is the #1 New Year’s Resolution every year: To follow the last insane but miraculous, ineffective but famous, weight loss diet in the market to lose weight “fast”.

I just came back from Barcelona, Spain after a holiday break with my family in my country of origin. I usually don’t have much time to browse in the bookstores so the extra time after our flight was delayed on our way back was well spent.

I found new books about new miraculous diets and fitness programs, which gave me material to think during my 8 hour flight to New York.

Many people have approached me this year to try to convince me to create a new program more “commercial” and “catchy” than my original 32 Mondays Weight Management Program. But I am here to stay and maintain the ideas and principles of my method. After many years researching about weight loss management there is something I know for sure: there is no miraculous diet to lose weight. 

32 Mondays Weight Management Program is the anti-diet. You didn’t gain weight overnight and you won’t be able to lose it in 5, 10 or even 60 days not gaining it back unless you learn the principles to manage your weight.

Contrary to what many people think, weight loss is not about willpower but about education. There is so much information about weight loss and weight loss management that it is very difficult to know what’s important and what’s not unless you are constantly following the new studies and keeping up to date with the scientific world.

You really need to learn how to lose weight: What, How Much and When to eat and exercise and How to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

The last miraculous diet will give you a temporary fix and you’ll go back to the old you as soon as you stop that diet. Trust and believe in yourself and invest in your education to change your eating habits towards a weight management friendly lifestyle that you’ll be able to maintain forever.

Some of my new clients get restless after the first 2 o 3 lessons because they don’t see an immediate weight loss result, even after I had advised them during the first lesson that it might occur. During the initial lessons you get the basis for the next ones. But for those that really believe in me and my method, after a few more weeks learning from my program, they start to see that not only they lose weight but that they gain vitality, energy and overall happiness.

Weight loss is a long term commitment with yourself and an educational process one step at a time to stay with you forever.

I am going to share with you a secret for you to succeed in whatever you do. This is how a successful habit change works:

• One New Habit = 85 % chance of success

• Two New Habits at the same time= 35 % chance of success

• Three New Habits at the same time = 10 % chance of success

Now. What do you think... should you implement all new changes at once, or should you keep applying new habits and incorporating them into your lifestyle one at a time?

And now, after this tip, go and water your New Year’s Resolution one drop at a time to maintain your resolution to lose weight for your entire life.

Happy 2018!


Eating Too Much Sugar Can Damage your Weight and Health (and what insulin levels and a Piñata Party have in common)

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What Insulin Levels and a Piñata Party have in Common (and how too much sugar can damage your weight and health

Eating too much sugar can cause weight gain and health problems including diabetes.

You need to understand how maintaining the right insulin levels are important to be able to get in control of your weight and health.  

In this post, I am going to explain to you what insulin is, how it works and how it is related to weight management and your health, in a simple, easy and concise way. I will use the Piñata Party simile. 

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13 Tips to Keep Your Weight Under Control This Halloween.

Are you already wondering how to keep your weight under control this Halloween?

Here are some tips that work much better than trying to go into a diet the day after.

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What and How to Eat

How and What to Eat to Lose Weight

Are you confused, overwhelmed and exhausted after trying to decide what and how to eat? I get it!  With all the misleading information out there it gets hard... If you hate the idea of being hungry or killing yourself in the gym but you still want to make sure you are on the right path, this post is for you. You can learn what and how to eat in 3 easy steps. 

These are three most powerful strategies of getting control of the way you eat:

1. Healthy Portion Sizes

2. Right Composition of Meals

3. Paying Attention to Glycemic Index & Glycemic Load

The problem is that we tend to use one or another according to what we know more about or what is easy for us to apply. But all these aspects related. How to eat is as important as what to eat, and both aspects   are necessary, although some will resonate with you more than others, depending on your personal struggles.

But they all are related to each other, so you should pay attention to all of them.

Let’s see what those 3 strategies are and how can be apply them in real life!

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How to Curb Cravings

How to Curb Cravings

I wish I had known how to curb cravings 30 years ago. It would have saved me from many years of suffering trying to manage my weight, and what's worst, many more years to come of researching and dealing with all the misinformation that is out there, trying to convince me of the wrong things or just making things too complicated.   

If I had known back then that the huge bowls of ice cream loaded with sugary cereal would never fix my parents marriage, I would have saved many of my weight problems later on.  

If I had had the resources to deal with my cravings for love... or at least I had known how to curb cravings for ice cream which I had every time I felt lonely and was alone, I would have struggled much less with my emotional wellbeing and the efforts to keep my weight under control for many years to come.

But it is what it is, and I always think that we are faced with the challenges that we need to solve so we can become better persons, most important, the person we are meant to be.

In my case, I like to think that my challenges were there to make me become a biologist and a nutrition specialist to be able to help others learn the right way to manage their weight.

Food cravings are one of the major struggles that most people face with. And it sounds hard to deal with, but once you learn what you need to know everything becomes clear!  

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Fitness Tracker’s Buying Guide

Fitness Tracker's Buying Guide

Have you hear that a fitness tracker can help you achieve your fitness and wellness goals but you are confused about which is the right fitness tracker for you?

We are here to help…

Although there are certain concerns about the effectiveness of the fitness trackers and in fact I published a guest post about the topic: how well do fitness trackers work?, the truth is that many of you like the idea of owing and using one.

If you have decided that a fitness tracker is something that may help you accomplish your wellness goals, make sure that you chose the right one. 

Here you have my last guest post: a fitness tracker’s buying guide that will help in you in making the right decision on what to choose.


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Why Americans Are More Overweight Than People from Other Countries

Why Americans Are More Overweight Than People from Other Countries

Have you ever wondered why Americans are more overweight than people from other countries? 

You might have guessed some of the reasons: huge portion sizes, little exercise, too much sugary foods, no mindful eating, stress, etc.

To me, however, there is one factor that plays a key role here: the American food manufacturing industry.

Not only the ingredients of the processed food are addictive, but they are also the worst thing you could eat in terms of your weight management.

What’s the problem with eating manufactured meals?

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