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Meet Arantxa Mateo and find out about her 32 Mondays online program and new book. She spent years researching how we can have optimum health and manage our weight for life, spurred on by being overweight when she was a child in Spain. Also learn how a near-death experience started Arantxa on her spiritual journey of self-awareness and creativity.


My Favorite Homemade Sports Drinks Recipes

My Favorite Homemade Sports Drinks Recipes

A few winters ago, I found out the hard way how important it is to recover the electrolytes lost after a workout. I started to feel dizzy every day until one day I almost couldn’t stand up. That wouldn’t have been that scary by itself. If it wasn’t that I had a brain aneurysm in my 30s. Now, anytime I have headaches or some sort of dizziness, everyone around me freaks out.

It took me a whole day at the emergency room, a head CAT Scan, a consultation with the head of the Neurology Department at Yale Hospital, and another with my family doctor, to figure out that what was causing the dizziness was something which I should have known better.

I had just moved from Chicago, where you can’t exercise outdoors during the freezing winter, to Connecticut, where for me, winter felt very mild, so I changed my gym routine to an outdoor workout year round.

 You probably know that when you sweat during exercise, not only do you lose water but also electrolytes.  Don’t get me wrong. I’d always known that… but I made the assumption that during my new winter workout while running outside under cold conditions, I wouldn’t be losing that much water or electrolytes, so I didn’t take any of my usual sports drinks. After a few days running on the cold weather, I started feeling dizzy.

 After figuring out that what was causing the dizziness was the low levels of electrolytes, I started to take my sports drink every time after exercising, no matter how warm or cold it was. And I immediately began feeling better again.

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How to Water Your 2019 New Year’s Resolution to Lose Weight

Weight Loss and Fitness is the #1 New Year’s Resolution every year: To follow the last insane but miraculous, ineffective but famous, weight loss diet in the market to lose weight “fast”.

Many people have approached me this year to try to convince me to create a new program more “commercial” and “catchy” than my original 32 Mondays Weight Management Program. But I am here to stay and maintain the ideas and principles of my method. After many years researching about weight loss management there is something I know for sure: there is no miraculous diet to lose weight. 

32 Mondays Weight Management Program is the anti-diet. You didn’t gain weight overnight and you won’t be able to lose it in 5, 10 or even 60 days not gaining it back unless you learn the principles to manage your weight.

Contrary to what many people think, weight loss is not about willpower but about education. There is so much information about weight loss and weight loss management that it is very difficult to know what’s important and what’s not unless you are constantly following the new studies and keeping up to date with the scientific world.

You really need to learn how to lose weight: What, How Much and When to eat and exercise and How to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

The last miraculous diet will give you a temporary fix and you’ll go back to the old you as soon as you stop that diet. Trust and believe in yourself and invest in your education to change your eating habits towards a weight management friendly lifestyle that you’ll be able to maintain forever.

Some of my new clients get restless after the first 2 o 3 lessons because they don’t see an immediate weight loss result, even after I had advised them during the first lesson that it might occur. During the initial lessons you get the basis for the next ones. But for those that really believe in me and my method, after a few more weeks learning from my program, they start to see that not only they lose weight but that they gain vitality, energy and overall happiness.

Weight loss is a long term commitment with yourself and an educational process one step at a time to stay with you forever.

I am going to share with you a secret for you to succeed in whatever you do. This is how a successful habit change works:

• One New Habit = 85 % chance of success

• Two New Habits at the same time= 35 % chance of success

• Three New Habits at the same time = 10 % chance of success

Now. What do you think... should you implement all new changes at once, or should you keep applying new habits and incorporating them into your lifestyle one at a time?

And now, after this tip, go and water your New Year’s Resolution one drop at a time to maintain your resolution to lose weight for your entire life.

Happy 2019!


Why Americans Are More Overweight Than People from Other Countries

Why Americans Are More Overweight Than People from Other Countries

Have you ever wondered why Americans are more overweight than people from other countries? 

You might have guessed some of the reasons: huge portion sizes, little exercise, too much sugary foods, no mindful eating, stress, etc.

To me, however, there is one factor that plays a key role here: the American food manufacturing industry.

Not only the ingredients of the processed food are addictive, but they are also the worst thing you could eat in terms of your weight management.

What’s the problem with eating manufactured meals?

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Can You Have Breakfast Cereal if You Are Trying to Lose Weight?

Can you have breakfast ceral if you are trying to lose weight?

This is one of the questions that I frequently get from students, clients and even in social media: can I have breakfast cereal if I am trying to lose weight?

And it makes sense. Because on one hand, you are chased with the idea that you have to eat breakfast if you are trying to lose weight, but on the other, you don’t have the time to prepare it and therefore you wonder if breakfast cereal could be a good option for you. 

But first things first. If you are still not sure whether you need to have breakfast if you are trying to lose weight and/or what makes a good breakfast, you can check my blog: what's the best breakfast I can have?

Now, if you think that breakfast cereal could be an easy option for you, let me help you understand what makes a good breakfast cereal and how to choose the right one for you.

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Simple Habits Before Bedtime that Can Help to Lose Weight

Guest Post by Sarah Cummings

Photo by Alan KO on Unsplash

Simple Habits Before Bedtime that Can Help to Lose Weight
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Arantxa Mateo's Weight Management Course

Arantxa Mateo's Weight Management Course

Recently, I had the pleasure to be interviewed by Jacques Hopkins. If you are interested in learning a bit more about me, what I do, my believes, my commitment to my students and my confidence that I can help you have a better life if you let me teach you how, I think you should listen to the interview.  

This is how Jacques introduced me: 

"Not too long ago I had the pleasure of having Arantxa Mateo come on the show to discuss her online course business. There are a lot of weight loss plans and diets out there, but she has a different approach to the concept of weight management. Arantxa is very invested in her students’ success, and it was great to speak with her about her online course. Along the way, we chatted about some challenges specific to her niche and some advice that will be useful no matter what you plan to teach in your own course!"

People are not looking for perfection. They are looking for you to solve their problem.

-Arantxa Mateo

You can listen to the interview HERE


6 Benefits of Plant-Based Protein Powder That Can Help to Lose Weight

6 Benefits of Plant-Based Protein Powder That Can Help to Lose Weight

GUEST POST by Scott Reid

One of the choices when looking at using a protein powder as a help to lose weight is which type to go for. The main choice is generally between whey-based protein and plant-based protein powder, however there are many aspects to consider.

A lot of people than want to use protein powder as a help to lose weight, can’t tolerate whey protein for various reasons, including bloating and potential allergy problems. Plant-based protein powder can be the perfect option for those who can’t use whey for that reason.

However, there are also many other benefits which you get from a plant-based protein powder that you cannot get from any animal-based protein product, including fibre content and some types of vitamins and minerals.

 In this guest blog post, author Scott Reid offers you a quick run-down on six of the key benefits of choosing a plant-based powder.

1. Great for those with allergies

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32 Mondays Weight Management BOOK

32 Mondays Weight Management Book

Want to lose weight fast and with no effort? Looking for a magic diet to lose weight for good?

Then this book is not for you.

You didn’t gain weight overnight, and whoever promises you that you will lose weight fast in a healthy way and stay in shape while still maintaining your old habits is not telling the truth.

So how can you lose weight instead?

The answer to this question is right in front of you.

In this book, you will find a 15-step program that will take you through the necessary aspects of losing and maintaining your weight, a concrete map that will steadily lead you to your goal, with guaranteed success after 32 weeks:

• It’s not a diet.
• Your lost pounds will never return.
• You will never be hungry.
• You can keep your treats.
• You will feel happy and energetic.


To be able to manage your weight on your own after you’ve completed the program, you will also learn:


• how your body reacts to certain foods and their combinations

• why meal timing is important

• how to read product labels and shop wisely

• what hormone balance has to do with weight loss

• how to easily incorporate exercise into your life


Are you leading a busy life, maybe running a family?


So is the author of this book, an entrepreneur and mother of two with no personal cook or trainer. That’s why each step of the program comes with practical tips - a grocery shopping list, a menu plan for a week, and more - to show you how to incorporate it in your life from day one.

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Why Diets Don't Work and How to Lose Weight Healthy Instead

How to Lose Weight Healthy

Have you noticed how most people gain weight after following a diet? If you want to learn why diets don't work and how to lose weight healthy, this post is for you.

One thing I have learned over and over again, as a creator of my program and working with students, is that if you REALLY learn what’s important and leave aside what is not, you’ll succeed.

In my webminar Why Diets Don’t Work and How to Lose Weight Healthy Instead, which you can watch here, I cover all you need to know so you never consider dieting again and you learn how to lose weight healthy instead.

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Why Do You Gain Weight After a Diet?

How to Lose Weight Healthy

Have you ever wondered why most people gain weight after following a weight loss diet and how to lose weight healthy so you don’t gain it back instead?

The problem with most diets is that you just follow the instructions of the diet on what exactly you should eat but you don't really learn anything during the process. When you "are finished" with the diet you won’t have learned anything but how to follow specific instructions, or numbers, or calories. 

From the educational point of view, you didn’t learn anything, so you are in the same place you were before you started your diet.

The moment you go back to be on your own without a diet telling you what to eat every single meal, you’ll eat what you were used to eat before because that’s what you know to do. In the end, you'll gain the weight back.

If you were also following a diet low in calories your body will have learned how to work with less energy or calories, so once the diet is over and you go back to ingest more calories than before, your body will store them as fat to save them as a source of energy to have it available in the future just in case you decide to go on a low calorie diet again.

 That’s Yo-Yo Dieting: When you lose weight and gain it again over and over. 

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Are bananas a healthy “on the go” snacks?

Are bananas a healthy “on the go” snacks?

Do you love bananas! Does it happen to you that when you are on a rush, you just grab a banana and you think you’ll have your hunger under control. But, is that really true? Are bananas really the healthy “on the go” snacks per excellence? Have you ever noticed that after eating a banana your feel hungry too soon?

Every time I am being asked if it is right to eat bananas for weight loss and I say that it depends, my students start to change their face. No! don’t tell me I can’t eat bananas! I Love bananas! 

I am sensing you are starting to sweat thinking about all the bananas you are already eating.  

Don’t panic, and let me explain what’s behind bananas and what can you do to make sure that they are one of your healthy “on the go” snacks.

Bananas have high GI and GL Values

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The Perfect Healthy Dinner for Weight Loss: Cauliflower Cream that Taste Like Mashed Potato

Healthy Dinner for Weight Loss

Are you looking for recipes easy to make and to remember that are quick, yummy, healthy and weight management friendly, to incorporate in your day to day? There is one that makes the perfect healthy dinner for weight loss. 

It is one of my most precious secrets: my vegetable creams, specially my cauliflower cream that taste like mashed potato.

Believe me, I have shared this secret with great success with family members and many of my students. The result: everybody loving the cream, not even knowing that it is a vegetable one! And the great thing? Not only is weight management friendly, but it is super easy to make!  

In this post, I am going to share with you:

  • 10 reasons why vegetable creams are the perfect healthy dinner for weight loss, 
  • 10 tips and secrets to make vegetable creams, and 
  • 10 simple steps to make them!
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Can Screens Be of Any Help to Lose Weight?

Can screens be of any help to lose weight?

We are spending more and more time in front of screens. They are here to stay and although not always a good influence, I wonder if we can take advantage and find any way that they can be of any help to lose weight? 

Computers, tablets, smartphones, TV, cinema, video games screens, are now our day to day buddies.  Whether for work or for pleasure, we already spend many hours in front of a screen, and it is not getting any better.

American teenagers spend around 9 hours daily in front of a screen on top of the school and homework hours. Adults are not far from that, since they spend 10 and a half hours in total in front of a computer.

Can screens affect our eating habits? And can they be of any help to lose weight? 

Rebeca Andradas has been working as an intern for 32 Mondays for a few months, and she is going to graduate as a Nutritionist soon. She is one of the many moms with a teenager spending too many hours in front of the screens and it is something that really worries her. I asked her to write an article to try to find a positive use of screens to help to lose weight so she would not feel so negative about them. She did a great job, and you can read her findings in this article.

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What Parisians Eat to Lose Weight?

what Parisians eat to lose weight

I am sure you have wondered at some point what Parisians eat to lose weight or at least not to gain it…

Why they don’t get fat although the food in Paris is just superve! and they eat outrageous amounts of cheese, bread, wine, croissants, vol au vent, just to mentions a few of the plaisirs! In the meantime, many other people everywhere else struggle to keep the weight off even when watching every single thing that go into their mouth. 

It is not easy to explain why Parisians don’t get fat in a post not too long and not too boring, avoiding terms like metabolism, trans fats, and other nutritionist "lingo".

So I have decided to just give you a tour on a traditional day for a Parisian, have a view as an observer, and see if you notice any differences in comparison to the routine of the inhabitants of other cities of the world.

So imagine, you are in Paris. You just woke up, and now your day begins.

Go out for breakfast. You’ll find many boulangeries selling fresh bread and croissants.

Get inside, and you won’t see a bored employee dumping in the oven frozen bread and croissants manufactured from a giant food industry brand and full of unpronounceable ingredients and crazy fats. Instead, you’ll see the boulanger (the baker) mixing flour, water, raisin agents, salt and butter and shaping simple and basic bread and croissants, before baking them in the oven right in front of you.

If you sit in the bakery while having a coffee and a croissant you’ll see a person after person going in and out to get the bread for the day and maybe a croissant for breakfast. That’s it, ONE croissant. Crunchy, spongy and delicious.

You walk to the metro station. On your way, you'll find plenty of convenience stores, but what you can see on the displays aren’t packages of cookies, sugary drinks and candy bars.

Instead, you'll see fresh fruit and bottled water. So if hungers catches up with you - a hunger attack, or need for a quick lunch on the go - you have fresh food and water always available. 

A quick look inside a store, and you’ll see wine, lots of wine, probably for those on the way home who ran out of their stock.  Oh, and plenty of vegetables too, for you to fetch fresh ingredients for the home-cooked meal.

Keep walking and you’ll see many people with shopping bags on their way to buy fresh fish, fruit, vegetables, meat, poultry and cheese - all amazingly presented by the owners of the small stores overlooking the streets.

It’s difficult not to stop by to admire a fish, some farmer’s cheese or an amazingly fresh watermelon offered in convenient small pieces. A paradise to your senses!

That’s what Parisians eat to lose weight!

On your way, you'll surely see the florist watering her beautiful plants and flowers. 

Oh Paris... 

 As tourists exploring the city by foot, you may need to have to go to the bathroom at some point. Maybe try the McDonald's in the middle of Montparnasse. You’ll find a beautiful restaurant, with people eating, nt stuffing themselves, and espresso coffee machines!

Where else but in Paris could you find an espresso machine in a Mc Donald’s? (Well, probably only in Rome.)

Walking up Montmartre are plenty of offers for healthy food.

The people eating on the terraces aren’t just tourist, they are Parisians enjoying lunch and wine with friends. No cell phones, just food and conversation.

You can even have “pizza by the cut”, but what a pizza! Fresh ingredients only!

Time for dessert in one of the many patisseries, chose a small chocolate and a caramel cake, and enjoy it!  It will provide you with enough energy to go up and down the Montmartre streets. And you know what? Except for masses of tourists walking in a group altogether, there were many, many locals just walking up and down the streets and stopping in an art gallery for a coffee and a piece of cake.

On the way back to Montparnasse, many Parisians may be  having a beer or wine with some nuts as an afternoon snack.

Slowly, talking and savoring the food, drink and good conversation.

To find a place for dinner can be a challenge too. So much to choose from! There is so much flavor and diversity. Most of the restaurants, even the non-traditional French ones, have a fix menu with great choices: high quality moderate size plates, with wine and dessert at a very affordable price.

So this is what Parisians eat to lose weight so they don’t need my weight loss management program: 

• They eat in moderation.

• They love fresh ingredients including fruit, vegetables, fish and meat.

• They walk, a lot.

• They eat fats (butter, cheese) that make them feel fuller (in moderation, of course).

• They eat every 3-4 hours.

• They eat mindfully, enjoying every bit and letting the brain recognize that they have eaten enough and is time to stop.

• They don’t eat manufactured food with unpronounceable ingredients but a basic diet of healthy, rich and nutritious ingredients.

However, if you move from the middle class areas of those cities, into areas with less economic resources, the situation will change dramatically, and you will see large supermarkets with ready to eat manufactured meals, and fast food chains.

People there will always be in a hurry and will eat and feed their families whatever is most easy and affordable, and you will see that less and less people are taking the time for the traditional cuisine.

And that’s why, while the percentage of overweight people in Paris has been maintained fairly stable for the last few years, in the surrounding areas and in most of the rest of France, the percentages of overweight people are going up year by year.

Maintaining a great relationship with food, enjoying it like crazy while maintaining their weight. Shouldn’t we all be able to do that?


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