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So much is going on after the new guidelines to expand the recommendations of using statins to control cholesterol.  I wanted to share with you this article from Kelly Brogan M.D Holistic Women’s Health Dr. Psychiatry, NYC. Not only the issue the article is really interesting, but it is somehow related to my post from 2 weeks ago about Garcina Cambogia, when I discussed about the scientific community not always being right or having results that prove not right in the future.


In her article Kelly Brogan included comments from Dr. Redberg and John Abramson, for the New York Times: We believe that the new guidelines are not adequately supported by objective data, and that statins should not be recommended for this vastly expanded class of healthy Americans. Instead of converting millions of people into statin customers, we should be focusing on the real factors that undeniably reduce the risk of heart disease: healthy diets, exercise and avoiding smoking.


Wrong-Headed Indication


As discussed by Dr. Tom O'Bryan, there is a 17-year lag between availability of paradigm-shifting data and implementation. Misconceptions about dietary -- cholesterol and saturated fat -- drivers of heart disease still linger despite widespread abandonment of this perspective. This was discussed in an important, recent BMJ commentary by British cardiologist, Dr. Malhotra, who states:


Virtually all the truths about preventing heart attacks that physicians and patients have held dear for more than a generation are wrong and need to be abandoned.


Based on unabated rates of cardiovascular disease despite a generation of statin users, and studies that demonstrate that patients presenting to the hospital with heart attacks don't have elevated total cholesterol, but they do have (66 percent of the time) metabolic syndrome, or a constellation of findings such as obesity, high triglycerides, low HDL, and insulin resistance. This phenomenon is driven by sugar and trans fat, not dietary, naturally-occurring saturated fat, and not by a lack of statins, but, perhaps, is exacerbated by the statins themselves, and particularly, in women.


This is what I mean when I talk about how scientific studies can be misleading and directing to take some guidelines from the health industry that might end wrong.


Also, what I mean when I say that thinks that we thing are one way at some point (like using DDT, consuming Garcina Cambogia or the use of food colors, aspects covered in different posts in my blog) could end another way in a few years time.


I think the approach to cholesterol management prove my point, and as usually everything ends in having a healthy diet and exercise, which I agree it is difficult to do unless you truly learn about it and are educated. This is the approach I followed when developing my 32 Mondays Weight Loss Management Method, to have an educational program to learn how to manage your weight loss FOR LIFE.


Here is Kelly Brogan the article if you want to read it in full:




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