Weight Management

I hope all of you are coping the best you can with this challenging situation. It’s scary in many senses, and if you are like me, the uncertainty of the future is hard to manage. I want to do whatever is in my power to help alleviate the stress of this time, giving my book for as little as I'm allowed to do.
I don’t work with Diets; because there is no proper diet to lose weight. Restrictive diets work against your weight management objective, which is to learn how to be in control of your physical, psychological, and emotional balance. Following a perpetual diet, program, or strict rule is the perfect recipe for failure. The time will come when you are tired, having a bad day and need a break, or just need to relax. Sometimes you are simply in a situation where you can’t choose what to eat.
Have you ever wondered why Americans are more overweight than people from other countries? You might have guessed some of the reasons: huge portion sizes, little exercise, too much sugary foods, no mindful eating, stress, etc. However, there is one factor that plays a key role here: the American food manufacturing industry. Not only the ingredients of the processed food are addictive, but they are also the worst thing you could eat in terms of your weight management.
You know the socks that your distant relative sends you year after year during the Holidays? Have you or your loved ones ever enjoyed them? Don’t you think a weight management book would make a better present for all? If you find yourself wishing for something a bit more useful than a pair of socks, anything that could help you jumpstart into your New Year’s Resolution next year, I can help you out.
Do you love bananas? Does it happen to you that when you are on a rush, you just grab a banana and you think you’ll have your hunger under control. But, is that really true? Are bananas really the healthy “on the go” snacks per excellence? Have you ever noticed that after eating a banana your feel hungry too soon? Don’t panic, and let me explain what’s behind bananas and what can you do to make sure that they are one of your healthy “on the go” snacks.
I am sure you have wondered at some point what Parisians eat to lose weight or at least not to gain it… Why they don’t get fat although the food in Paris is just superve! and they eat outrageous amounts of cheese, bread, wine, croissants, vol au vent, just to mentions a few of the plaisirs! In the meantime, many other people everywhere else struggle to keep the weight off even when watching every single thing that go into their mouth.
There are some dark forces that affect food addictions and if you want to learn the best weight loss advice to survive them this is the place to be.
Are you confused, overwhelmed and exhausted after trying to decide what and how to eat? I get it! With all the misleading information out there it gets hard... If you hate the idea of being hungry or killing yourself in the gym but you still want to make sure you are on the right path, this post is for you. - You'll learn what and how to eat in 3 easy steps. - You'll get a Menu Template and a Free e-book - You'll take 5 lessons with you
I wish I had known how to curb cravings 30 years ago. It would have saved me from many years of suffering trying to manage my weight, and what's worst, many more years to come of researching and dealing with all the misinformation that is out there, trying to convince me of the wrong things or just making things too complicated.
One of the main difficulties when learning to get in control of your weight is having a nutrition plan that you actually like. The best thing to do is to create YOUR OWN one. Read my post: How to create a healthy nutrition plan for weight loss you'll actually like, which was published in eHealthInformer

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