How to Keep Up with Your Weight Loss Plan While Having a Family to Feed

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Cooking your own meals is hard; even if you love cooking it requires time, dedication and effort that we don’t always have or are willing to spare. If  you also have family to feed, there is no way you are going to be able to manage your time and effort if you need to organize two types of diet each day, one to follow your weight loss management program and the other for the rest of the family. That makes four meals each day!


Your family also deserves a healthy future and a well-managed weight, so move them all to your new way of eating and prepare the same meals for all of you. It might take them some time to get used to, but if you stay determined, they will get used to it, and by teaching them how to eat, you’ll be giving them a gift for the rest of their life. Your needs are probably different than the rest of the family (you want to lose weight, you are less active, you are not growing), eat less quantity and more percentage of the greens and proteins compared to the carbohydrates than the rest of your family. If even with this approach their energetic needs are still not covered with the meals you are preparing and they are still hungry, add some healthy calories to their meal: some extra nuts, some chocolate, a yogurt, or a healthy cookie. But be careful, calories add quickly and become too much input easily even for growing kids or huge husbands.


Chances are if your eating habits are wrong and have resulted in poor health and being overweight, your family probably suffers from the same problems. If you think you need to change your life and eat better, you would like the same for your loved ones.



I will review lunch and dinner meals in the other posts. As I said in one of my previous post, contrary to what many people do, lunch should be a much more important meal than dinner.

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