My Love Affair with Arbonne

I just spoke to my very best friend in Chicago, Amelia Dellos and I realized that I have been so crazy busy that I hadn’t even shared with her the great news of me joining Arbonne.

I didn’t want to spend one more second not sharing the news with the rest of my friends.

My love affair with Arbonne started a few months ago.

Mentoring my clients @ 32 Mondays I realized that many women needed an initial push to lose weight. My 32 Mondays Weight Loss Management Method is a learning program not a fad diet so for some people it can take a while to start losing weight. Many women are in a situation where the metabolism is really slow due to hormonal changes with age. For others it was because of years of dieting or trying to “eat healthy”, many times the wrong way due to misinformation and misconceptions created by the weight loss industry.


So, I have been looking for a product that I trust and that can help me help my clients to start losing weight straight away to help them with their motivation, self stem and to activate their metabolism. When I discovered Arbonne I was initially attracted by the “Pure, Safe and Beneficial” motto, and I don’t want to get too far talking about Arbonne in this post. I just want to simply say that I have researched the company and the products and I feel totally confident recommending them to my clients and sharing the business opportunity to my friends.

I joined Arbonne for the protein Shakes and Fiber and I am now an advocate for every single of the more than 400 products that Arbonne has, including  a start of the art Anti-Age line, sensitive skin, men, sun care, cosmetics, hair care, sports drinks, baby care, nutrition and many more.

I had a blast in the International Conference in Las Vegas last April and I have met many wonderful, interesting, inspiring and amazing women. And some men too, I have to say…

So, if anybody is interested in learning more about the products please have a look at my Arbonne webpage:


And if you want to learn about the business opportunity and you are based in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, Poland or Taiwan do not hesitate to get in contact with me


Get inspired with this video:






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