Open House in Westport, CT to Benefit Arbonne Charitable Foundation

To Honor My Ballet Dancer Daughter

My teenage daughter Claudia will be away at a ballet school until December, 2015. Her dream is to dance ballet as a professional in the future, and her determination convinced her family that if she is to have a chance to make that dream come true, she truly needs this challenge to work on her basic ballet technique.

Claudia is well aware of the challenges she faces: she doesn’t have the perfect “ballet dancer” body, and she lacked proper training during her initial years as a dancer, so she has some limitations that need to be corrected now before is too late.

It was her passion to dance ballet, her dream to become a ballet dancer, and her determination to make everything possible that made her family decide to let her go to this school.

As her parents are well aware that not all teens have the courage, determination, and opportunities as their daughter. This is why I have decided to honor my daughter—and any other teen with a dream—by donating all profits from her next two Arbonne open houses to the Arbonne Charitable Foundation, which works to promote the development of confidence and self-esteem in teenage girls and boys.



Open Houses will be on Friday, September 11 and Monday, September 14, to honor any dancer and teen with a dream.

Email or call for details:

Arantxa Mateo’s Arbonne Independent Consultant

(203) 451- 9355

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And of course you can email with any questions or concerns. .


Learn about the Arbonne Charitable Foundation in this video:

And see one of the girls who shared her experience with the Arbonne Charitable Foundation in front of nearly 15,000 Arbonne consultants:



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