Rock Climbing & Weight Loss Management

Climbing is Inspiring.

It’s you and a wall and you need to figure out how to climb it up to the top.

Every climb is different and each one gives you a different experience. It is up to you what you want to get from it.

It is never the same difficulty or challenge. Sometimes it is an easy climb until you get close to the top and then it gets harder.

Other climbs have such a difficult start it might take you a while to get to the next step.

But it is always one step at a time. This is what I just learned from my young daughter after an amazing weekend climbing in New Hampshire and Massachusetts with my family.

On Sunday we went to a new place where all the routes were top rope climbing and for the first time Greta was the one climbing a new route first. She is the younger in the family so she is usually the last one to climb. That’s life right? By the time is her time to go up we already know enough about the route to shout her where to put a hand or foot when she can’t find what to do… This time she was on her own. She knew it, and she just started one step at a time, consistently, thinking what to do next. She was using all she has been learning over the many climbs she has done and learned from us before doing this one on her own. I was really proud of her and the job she was doing and I felt good about how are we raising our kids, teaching them with patience and reassuring them that we are here for them for when they need us.

As I said, climbing is inspiring. The natural environment and the concentration you need to climb a wall, makes turn off your mind from the daily worries and go to explore new routes freely.

I realized that what I was seeing and feeling from my daughter’s climb was exactly what I do in my professional life. I help my clients learn the right way to lose weight so they have the tools to climb that big wall they feel they have ahead, that looks and feels impossible. It is the knowledge I provide them with that will allow them to climb that big wall one step at a time and get to the top. And I felt good about what I do and how I am able to help people climb those walls.

You might think that last Sunday was all nice and perfect for us right? It wasn’t! When Greta was almost at the top, just another step to go, she put her hand in a wasp nest, and 30-40 wasps started to fool around her! Since we were watching her closely we were able to react on time and pull her down fast enough so only one wasp stung her hand. It was great that she was able to stay calmed or she could have injured herself badly banging her head against the wall when she lost control of her hands.

So another thing I learned: the importance of being focused, calmed and confident when going through up and downs in any journey.

And finally, YES! things happen! Sometimes we don’t get where we want to get the first time or through the road we had planned, but we should learn not to quit, just try again.

So I ran to the car to get a treatment cream for Greta and brought her a book so she could sit, read and relax over her pain. My husband and I looked for another route that lead to the same place and we climbed the wall one step at a time, making sure that there were not more wasp nests around.


Have a happy and very inspirational weekend!


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