Can You Have Breakfast Cereal if You Are Trying to Lose Weight?

Can you have breakfast ceral if you are trying to lose weight?

This is one of the questions that I frequently get from students, clients and even in social media: can I have breakfast cereal if I am trying to lose weight?

And it makes sense. Because on one hand, you are chased with the idea that you have to eat breakfast if you are trying to lose weight, but on the other, you don’t have the time to prepare it and therefore you wonder if breakfast cereal could be a good option for you. 

But first things first. If you are still not sure whether you need to have breakfast if you are trying to lose weight and/or what makes a good breakfast, you can check my blog: what's the best breakfast I can have?

Now, if you think that breakfast cereal could be an easy option for you, let me help you understand what makes a good breakfast cereal and how to choose the right one for you.

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Simple Habits Before Bedtime that Can Help to Lose Weight

Guest Post by Sarah Cummings

Photo by Alan KO on Unsplash

Simple Habits Before Bedtime that Can Help to Lose Weight
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6 Benefits of Plant-Based Protein Powder That Can Help to Lose Weight

6 Benefits of Plant-Based Protein Powder That Can Help to Lose Weight

GUEST POST by Scott Reid

One of the choices when looking at using a protein powder as a help to lose weight is which type to go for. The main choice is generally between whey-based protein and plant-based protein powder, however there are many aspects to consider.

A lot of people than want to use protein powder as a help to lose weight, can’t tolerate whey protein for various reasons, including bloating and potential allergy problems. Plant-based protein powder can be the perfect option for those who can’t use whey for that reason.

However, there are also many other benefits which you get from a plant-based protein powder that you cannot get from any animal-based protein product, including fibre content and some types of vitamins and minerals.

 In this guest blog post, author Scott Reid offers you a quick run-down on six of the key benefits of choosing a plant-based powder.

1. Great for those with allergies

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32 Mondays Weight Management BOOK

32 Mondays Weight Management Book

Want to lose weight fast and with no effort? Looking for a magic diet to lose weight for good?

Then this book is not for you.

You didn’t gain weight overnight, and whoever promises you that you will lose weight fast in a healthy way and stay in shape while still maintaining your old habits is not telling the truth.

So how can you lose weight instead?

The answer to this question is right in front of you.

In this book, you will find a 15-step program that will take you through the necessary aspects of losing and maintaining your weight, a concrete map that will steadily lead you to your goal, with guaranteed success after 32 weeks:

• It’s not a diet.
• Your lost pounds will never return.
• You will never be hungry.
• You can keep your treats.
• You will feel happy and energetic.


To be able to manage your weight on your own after you’ve completed the program, you will also learn:


• how your body reacts to certain foods and their combinations

• why meal timing is important

• how to read product labels and shop wisely

• what hormone balance has to do with weight loss

• how to easily incorporate exercise into your life


Are you leading a busy life, maybe running a family?


So is the author of this book, an entrepreneur and mother of two with no personal cook or trainer. That’s why each step of the program comes with practical tips - a grocery shopping list, a menu plan for a week, and more - to show you how to incorporate it in your life from day one.

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Why Do You Gain Weight After a Diet?

How to Lose Weight Healthy

Have you ever wondered why most people gain weight after following a weight loss diet and how to lose weight healthy so you don’t gain it back instead?

The problem with most diets is that you just follow the instructions of the diet on what exactly you should eat but you don't really learn anything during the process. When you "are finished" with the diet you won’t have learned anything but how to follow specific instructions, or numbers, or calories. 

From the educational point of view, you didn’t learn anything, so you are in the same place you were before you started your diet.

The moment you go back to be on your own without a diet telling you what to eat every single meal, you’ll eat what you were used to eat before because that’s what you know to do. In the end, you'll gain the weight back.

If you were also following a diet low in calories your body will have learned how to work with less energy or calories, so once the diet is over and you go back to ingest more calories than before, your body will store them as fat to save them as a source of energy to have it available in the future just in case you decide to go on a low calorie diet again.

 That’s Yo-Yo Dieting: When you lose weight and gain it again over and over. 

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