Pregnant or Not, it is all about Weight Management Education

Pregnant Womn


I just  read in CNN this article about pregorexia (  which to tell you the truth, I didn’t even know about the existence of that word. I knew about pregnant moms struggling not to gain weight. I have been there too, twice. You love your future babies more than anything else in your life, but you don’t want to end your pregnancy with all those extra pounds and struggle for years to lose them. I didn’t gain an extra pound and except for my tummy and breasts my body was almost the same as before the pregnancy. My babies were born perfectly and I didn’t withhold a gram of nutrients to them. Of course over the years my hips are wider and my body shape has matured, not necessary for the worse, but that’s mostly because of aging. Although I have to say that my husband likes me more than ever before, truly, not kidding!


It is not that I am perfect, not at all. And I like sweets, chocolates and other treats like everybody else. I have just mastered the way to nourish and move my body to feel happy with what I eat and exercise and I totally accept and love my body.


Becoming a mother and having a baby inside you is one of the most amazing things that could ever happen to any women. Things just change, and priorities always end being your baby. To enter into the extreme dieting knowing that you may hurt your baby is hard, very hard, and it’s an image of how negative are your feelings towards yourself and your body image….you don’t need to get there. You only need to learn how to eat and exercise and how to balance your life to learn how to manage your weight for life. Again, as you know, I believe in the power of education. The only way to go is by learning. My 32 Mondays Weight Management Method is an educational program to learn how to manage you weight for life, even during pregnancy.

And no, it is not a mistake, I said 32 Mondays instead of 32 Weeks, but there is more to come about it in the near future. Keep alert…


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