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Have you ever wondered why Americans are more overweight than people from other countries? You might have guessed some of the reasons: huge portion sizes, little exercise, too much sugary foods, no mindful eating, stress, etc. However, there is one factor that plays a key role here: the American food manufacturing industry. Not only the ingredients of the processed food are addictive, but they are also the worst thing you could eat in terms of your weight management.
This is one of the questions that I frequently get from students, clients and even in social media: can I have breakfast cereal if I am trying to lose weight? And it makes sense. Because on one hand, you are chased with the idea that you have to eat breakfast if you are trying to lose weight, but on the other, you don’t have the time to prepare it and therefore you wonder if breakfast cereal could be a good option for you.
It’s not only hitting those gym classes and eating the best diet that will get you to your desired weight. There are some simple habits to practice before bedtime that can help to lose weight. While the right diet and exercise do definitely go a long way to helping you get to the finish line, making sure that you get a better night’s sleep is one of the most simple tools to use that can help to lose weight.
I had the pleasure to be interviewed by Jacques Hopkins. If you are interested in learning a bit more about me, what I do, my believes, my commitment to my students and my confidence that I can help you have a better life if you let me show you how, I think you should listen to the interview.
One of the choices when looking at using a protein powder as a help to lose weight is which type to go for. The main choice is generally between whey-based protein and plant-based protein powder, however there are many aspects to consider. A lot of people than want to use protein powder as a help to lose weight, can’t tolerate whey protein for various reasons, including bloating and potential allergy problems. Plant-based protein powder can be the perfect option.
Want to lose weight fast and with no effort? Looking for a magic diet to lose weight for good? Then this book is not for you. You didn’t gain weight overnight, and whoever promises you that you will lose weight fast in a healthy way and stay in shape while still maintaining your old habits is not telling the truth. So how can you lose weight instead? The answer to this question is right in front of you.
I am sure you have wondered at some point what Parisians eat to lose weight or at least not to gain it… Why they don’t get fat although the food in Paris is just superve! and they eat outrageous amounts of cheese, bread, wine, croissants, vol au vent, just to mentions a few of the plaisirs! In the meantime, many other people everywhere else struggle to keep the weight off even when watching every single thing that go into their mouth.
There are some dark forces that affect food addictions and if you want to learn the best weight loss advice to survive them this is the place to be.
When it comes to the question: What not to eat to lose weight? The answer is easy: Highly Manufactured Food There are no magic wands or pills to lose weight but avoiding highly manufactured food is the single most effective step you can take if you want to lose weight. The problem is that we have become puppets. You no longer control what you feed your body. The food industry is doing it for you, and you need to learn what not to eat to lose weight.
Are you confused, overwhelmed and exhausted after trying to decide what and how to eat? I get it! With all the misleading information out there it gets hard... If you hate the idea of being hungry or killing yourself in the gym but you still want to make sure you are on the right path, this post is for you. - You'll learn what and how to eat in 3 easy steps. - You'll get a Menu Template and a Free e-book - You'll take 5 lessons with you

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