Do You Know that Food Coloring Can Mess Up with your Weight Management Efforts?

Food Coloring

Whenever I approach the topic of eating organic I always use the example of DDT, widely used in the 40’s as a household product and banned for most uses a few years later for its toxicity. I loved the infomercial Dr. Sanjay Gupta presented in June 2010 as a starting point of his special “Toxic America”.


There are many products that we don’t know about its toxicity and we’ll probably never know. That doesn’t make them safe.  “Toxic America” series talks a bit more about it if you are interested.


I have another example now that I am going to start using, since it involves children and people tend to react more to kids health.

Here it is:


Did you know that only 7 compounds are FDA- approved as food-safe dyes? I learned about it during my visit to the National Museum of American History, in the same Food exhibition I mentioned in my “Julia Child post”. As you can see in the picture I took, in 1976 food coloring Red No. 4 widely used in candy, was unapproved once it was found to be carcinogenic. I did some more research and I found that in 1950 many kids got sick after eating Halloween candy with Orange No. 1 dye. After rigorous testing the FDA banned it. I also found that many of the artificial colors used today were approved by the FDA in 1931! Wow, that’s a long time ago!


My point is, again, we don’t really know! We might never investigate further or we’ll investigate the wrong reactions. Therefore, avoid all those colors, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, pesticides etc… you don’t need them and your organism was never meant to have them!


If you remember from my Garcinia Cambogia post, there are certain things in our organism that we shouldn’t mess up with, enzymes and hormones are one of the most important ones for our metabolism.


All those artificial products we ingest mess up our metabolism. They interact with it and don’t let them do a proper job. And as you probably know if you have been following my blog -or you can learn now by reading my last 10 posts related to hormones and weight management,-  HORMONES  ARE ESSENTIAL TO MANAGE OUR WEIGHT! DO NEVER EVER MESS UP WITH YOUR HORMONES!


So please, go back to a more natural diet, the one we were talking about in the France were Julia Child learned about French cuisine…







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