Are 18 Years a Reasonable Time to Find out that a Specific Weight Loss Diet is not Really Effective?


I have to admit it. Being a biologist I have tried several times to read, understand and believe in the book “Eat Right for Your Type” by the naturopath Peter D’Amamo. If you remember, it is a “method” that supports that following a diet according to your blood-type gives you health benefits and helps you manage your weight. Well, I always felt that I was missing something. He was taking evolution too far away and I could never accept the theory and science behind his statement. I never wanted to go too deep, since so many people agreed that they were feeling much better after following that diet. I always thought that most of the basics of every blood-type diet suggested in the method were good enough per se, therefore, anybody following any of those diets could benefit and get good results regardless of which blood-type one was following. I never gave the method too many credentials but today, 18 years after the book was published, I just found this news about the Eat Right for your Type Diet: the University of Toronto couldn’t find enough evidence to support it. As I said, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have benefits from following any of the blood-type diets recommended in the book, but that blood-type and specific diets are not directly reverting in a proved health or weight management improvement.



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I decided to do a bit of investigation in and I found more than 100.000 titles related to weight loss, diet, weight management, fitness and nutrition. New extreme titles are being created to stimulate us and give us the sense of uniqueness, return to the past and give us some savagery or cannibalism excitement. It is interesting how new titles, methods and diets are constantly being created to get us hocked. Wondering about those titles and about the news related to Eat Right for your Type which was a New York Times best-seller that sold more than 7 million copies and has been translated into 52 languages, I realized that there is something similar to herbicides and pesticides. I always talk about how chemistry develops quicker than environmental and health related studies on how those products may hurt us in the short or long term without never being studied or banned. To me, it is the same with all those fad diets and products, we may think they are OK in the short term, but how can they affect us in the long term? Who is going to tell us if they are good or worse, that they are bad? It took 18 years for somebody (the University of Toronto) to study and release the news about such a famous program.


There is nothing like a healthy lifestyle which includes the right nutrition which has to include all the variety of foods, exercise and positive mental status. There is no temporary diet that can give us that if it eliminates certain food groups, restricts calories drastically or impose extreme workouts and fitness routines. None of those diets or programs will last. The only way to succeed in managing our weight is to take the long path of learning and integrating the right way to eat, exercise and lifestyle. There are no shortcuts and it doesn’t need to be difficult. Just some quality and focused time, awareness, and interest in learning, following and assimilating the basics and the tools associated.


I don’t want to say that my method or my book is totally different to anyone’s else ideas. But it is unique in the sense that it is an easy and understandable method, structured the right way to make it easy to follow, maintain and assimilate for any person immerse in our busy, stressed and sometimes difficult or complicated life.



We are in a very fast communication era. Everything now happens in a quick and effective way. Internet and all the other new tools associated have provided us with rich information in a click time. But something hasn’t changed, we need time to learn, follow and process information.

We can’t just click a button to be educated. So let’s lake the longer but quiet and relaxed way to learn how to manage our weight….FOR LIFE.   

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