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Enough! Stop Dieting and Start Learning about Weight Loss Management


I am constantly trying to catch up with all the new Diets coming to the market and every day my head is filling up more and more. I feel like if I read about one more diet my brain is going to explode. I wonder, if I am feeling like this, a Biologist who grew up in Spain (a Mediterranean country per excellence), who always ate healthy and was fit, and who has always followed and kept interest in healthy eating and living? How are feeling the people who are just trying to lose weight? How are the technicians, teachers, labor workers, stay at home moms, multitasking parents, painters, cleaners, chemists, store owners, students, kids, tweens, teens, writers etc?


It can’t be. I doesn’t make any sense to have to learn about Aztecs, The Paleolitic Era, Volumetrics, Food Metabolism, and many other diets, terms and trends.


Let me tell you a secret: “It is all the same”. All those diets or new trends are successful or not depending on two terms:


1.- You can initially follow it

2.- You can keep following it


The reason why you will quit at point 1 or 2 is the same:  the diet it is hard to follow. Maybe, during the first stages of the diet you are fine because you have the stamina to follow the rules, buy the ingredients, cook the foods and eat what they tell you to eat. Sometimes it is too hard even at stage 1. When you get to stage 2, you are tired and it is difficult not to come back to your initial habits and altogether it is just too much! Who can follow those strict methods forever?


Most of the diets are based in self starvation or they cut a specific major group of nutrients. Some of them are very difficult to follow and can end being dangerous to your health.  Other diets are more rational or are methods that just direct you into eating healthy (great!) by giving you specific orders: don’t eat fast food, don’t eat carbs, less fat etc. It is Ok while you keep following the “orders” (diet) but they won’t work once you are on your own when you have finished your diet. Even those diets that recommend you to maintain the basis forever are so restrictive of certain group of nutrients that are difficult to follow from a practical and tasteful point of view.


I try to learn about most of the diets in the market and I always end to the same conclusion: it is all about weight loss management education. You REALLY have to learn the whole process of feeding your body, exercise and have a healthy lifestyle. All the aspects need to be incorporated in your life until they are part of you and you don’t need to think about them consciously.   You can’t get it in two weeks! You need to ASSIMILATE the process. It also has to be YOUR process, which means a viable one to you. You have to be able to buy and cook your meals according to your tastes and availability.



No matter how many turns I give to the questions and how many new (and old) diets I keep studying, the only way to make it work and keep the success is by you learning and assimilating a healthy way of eating, exercising and living. It keeps reassuring me how my method is right, because it teaches you all the way to get there until you have enough information and resources to go on your own. It is not overwhelming and it is for the real you: the one that works, and is probably a parent too, with a busy life and limited time to spend. It is an easy, concise and practical method.



I am sorry that my book is not yet available, but it won’t be long… you can now reach me personally as a mentor, and I am also starting to develop my method in my blog.  

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