Detox Diets and Weight Loss Management?


There are many types of detox diets, based in juices, oils, baths, drinks, avoiding certain food groups or even absolute fasting. Its followers sustain that it helps eliminate toxins. Many nutrition specialists argue that there is no prove that those toxins are accumulated in our organisms and that detox diets help eliminate those toxins.



Whether you are a follower or a skeptic, would a detox diet help with your weight management objective? It could probably help you, if you choose the right one. If you have decided to get on the pathway of a detox diet, consider better one that does not cut calories drastically, don’t ask you to take any type of pill or supplements and that it is packed with fruits and vegetables.


A drastic cut on your calorie intake will have the same impact in your organism as any other weight loss diet that is based in a low calorie intake. It will lower your metabolism and will leave it in a low stand by position. When you finish your detox diet, your organism will detect the right level of calories again and will start to make good use of them very efficiently and will store as much energy as possible as fat, JUST IN CASE you decide to restrict calories again. As a result, you will probably gain weight or at least body fat after having finished your detox diet.


Regarding pills, this is always my point: never, ever take anything other than plain food. Little is known about the consequences of most of those products in the short and long term. There are possible secondary effects that we might never know about it but that could affect our organism. Regarding supplements, take only those for which a deficiency has been detected with analytics and that needs to be addressed.  My exception: Omega 3 for almost everybody, unless you are an absolute seafood lover and consumer. Vitamin D for those living in cold areas and can’t be outdoors for 20-30 minutes each day.


Finally, eating plenty of vegetables and a reasonable amount of fruits is always important in any type of diet, especially if your goal is to lose weight.



So if you decide to start a detox diet or you have just decided to stay away from them or maybe to try something else, enjoy the process and get the benefit of a healthy eating.  

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