All In A Meat Soup




·         1 pound minced meat

·         2 cans chicken broth organic, meat broth organic or water

·         2 celery organic sliced

·         2 carrots organic sliced

·         1 zucchini, tomatoes or other vegetables as desired. Organic if possible. Sliced

·         1 onion, organic sliced

·         1 leek (optional) sliced, organic if possible



Stir fry the onion and leek in a large soup saucepan with a bit of olive oil until golden. Add and stir the minced meat until brown. Add the broth or water, celery, carrots and other vegetables. Let it cook at low heat until cooked, about 30 minutes. Add herb mix if desired. Add salt only if necessary (some prepared broth are already very high in sodium).



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