Beef Stew

Julia Child's Kitchen
Julia Child's Kitchen

My adapted recipe from Julia Child's Beef Bourguignon but easy and fast to cook and weight loss management friendly. Sorry Julia! (BTW the picture is Julia Child's kitchen which is displayed at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History in Washington). 

·        Ingredients


  • 1 pound organic stew meat
  • 1 small bag carrots organic
  • 1 onion chopped or small shallots
  • Sliced garlic
  • Few sun dried tomatoes
  •   Beef broth
  •  Herbs the Provence


Dry the beef pieces with a paper towel pushing a bit to extract the juice from the meat. Stir fry the beef in a very hot cooking pan with olive oil. Turn sides when golden brown until all sides are done. When golden add salt and pepper. Remove meat from pan.


Stir fry the garlic and onion with some olive oil in the same pan until golden. Add the carrots and sun dried tomatoes and stir. Lower the heat, add salt and pepper and the herbs (amount depending to your taste) and let them cook for 2 minutes to let out some juices.


Add the beef and a cup of broth. Cover and cook for 10-30 more minutes (very low heat) depending of your hurry. The more you let it cook the tender the beef will be.



Add some beef broth at any time if it is too dry or to have more or less juice in the stew.





For those of you with no incompatibilities you can use green peas and a glass of red wine instead of some broth.

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