Chicken with Mushrooms

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·         1 tray organic chicken thighs (remove visible yellow fat as much as possible)

·         2 trays mushrooms. Organic if possible

·         1 onion organic if possible

·         Chicken broth organic if possible


Stir fry the chicken thighs in a very hot pan with a little bit of olive oil or no oil if there is still some fat in the chicken. Add salt, pepper and chicken herbs mix or any herbs mix. Remove when gold.



Stir fry the onion in the same pan with olive oil or coconut oil (gives a more exotic flavor) until golden, lower temperature if burning.


Add the mushrooms washed and sliced, set a medium temperature. Cook for one minute


Add the chicken and chicken broth (enough just to make it juicy).


Let cook together covered for 10-15 minutes


For those who can have it:



EEat with brown rice, cuscus, quinoa or whole wheat pasta

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