How to Choose the Right Food for Weight Loss Management Purposes

Right Way Road Signal
Right Way Road Signal

There are many right ways to choose your food you just need to pick one of them.

 In previous posts I talked about how the food manufacturing industry is manipulating the way we eat, which makes imperative for you to learn how to learn to choose the right food for weight loss management purposes.


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Now that you know how the food manufacturing industry is manipulating your diet, it is important to learn to choose the right foods to manage your weight loss. Instead of yielding to the attraction of specific foods, think first about:

  • What they contain
  • How your body is going to react to them
  • Whether they are going to give you a sugar rush following a peak of insulin
  • How you are going to feel after a short period of time
  • Whether these foods going to satiate you because they have the right proportion of protein, carbs and fats, or they will make you feel hungrier because they are almost only carbs or worse, they are the right palatability combination of salt, sugar and fat to make you crave more?

Do not just go and eat. Think first and try to make the right choice. Read the composition labels and learn which are the first listed ingredients and decide whether it is the most appropriate food right at that moment. Losing weight is easy if you learn the right way to do it.

Also, think about your metabolic needs well in advance. If you let your body run low of sugar, you are going to feel irritable and anxious, which will lead you to make poor food choices. However, if you prepare in advance and don’t let your sugar levels drop fast by having a healthy and fulfilling snack at the right time you will help with your weight control.

You will learn a lot more about it once you keep going with my posts which follow the 32 Weeks Weight Management Method.

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