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Right now only in the US there are 100 million people on a diet and many of them are going to gain the weight back.

My name is Arantxa Mateo and I am the founder of 32 Mondays Weight Loss Management in Westport, CT. My motto is 'Food is a pleasure.  Nobody deserves to be on a diet.' I help my clients learn how to lose weight and maintain it for life.

I was born in Barcelona, Spain and I moved to the US 6 years ago.

Although I grew up in a Mediterranean country following a very healthy diet, I gained weight because I ate too much.


I was overweight until my teenage years because of my mom’s obsession to OVERFEED me. I guess she had a trauma because she was born right at the end of the Spanish Civil War and there was real hunger. It took me a while to realize that I could take control of what and when to eat and manage my weight. I was really miserable every single day I was overweight to the point that I almost ended being anorexic.

When I came to the US I realized that my two daughters were growing up in a society that needed to redefine its relationship with food which gave me with the drive to develop my 32 Mondays Weight Loss Management Method.


I am trained as a biologist and my passion has always been weight loss management. As a Scientist I go through all the studies and information to clarify what is important and demystify what it’s not.


Diets don’t work and many weight loss practices are just in the business of selling fast diets, pills and other really ugly stuff. My practice differs because I help my clients learn the right way to eat, exercise and have a healthy lifestyle to lose and maintain weight. I have been there. There is a lot of information out there and it is totally overwhelming, more, is misleading! And it doesn’t work! There is a way to lose weight enjoying food and not feeling hungry and miserable.


32 Mondays Weight Loss Management Method is a program easy to understand, follow and maintain for life. Is structured in 15 steps and you don’t move up to the next step until you have mastered the previous one. It could take you up 32 weeks (32 Mondays) to master the program.  Because I personalized the program to help you all the way though one step at a time.

The Holidays are here. If you have a resolution to lose weight, come and talk to me! You don’t have to wait until your Next Year’s Resolution. Just start the program today! I am offering 50% off your first session if you mention this video and you start the program before the Holidays. I’m also offering a free group cooking session for the first 10 new clients.

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