Invited to a Party or a Wedding? Your Temporary Desired Weight

Last week I was talking about how to find out or decide which is Your Ideal Weight. That place where after following your selected Weight Loss Program you feel good, never hungry, in peace with yourself and what you eat, and where you can maintain your weight comfortably with not many sacrifices and enjoying food, a healthy lifestyle and a reasonable exercise routine.

If you already are at your Ideal Weight, but you think you would like to still lose some more—or even just do so for a special occasion like being invited to a party or a wedding where you want to look your best!—you can push those boundaries further and cut on out all the foods and attitudes you know make you fat, but you are still eating: —sugars, carbs, certain drinks, alcohol, treats, etc., and increase your exercise routine— until you get to that desired weight. This is what I call your Temporary Desired Weight.

One note of caution: being there has a high probability that as soon as you revert back to your old routine, you will go back to your previous weight or even gain more than that. The desired weight will be temporary unless you keep constantly maintain that extra effort.

The reason is because your Ideal Weight is an equilibrium and when you try to go over it and lose more weight you are breaking that it which is designed to make your organism work comfortable with no much effort. Anything beyond that is an additional requirement.

Therefore, physical and psychological mechanisms will be activated to force you back to the above mentioned equilibrium. This is why is so hard to maintain a Temporary Desired Weight, because we have to fight many forces.

And that is why it is possible that you end gaining more weight than before, because sometimes those forces are stronger than your own resources and they win….   

What do you think? Have you ever been in a similar situation?

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