Get Outdoors, Be Optimistic and Lose Weight!

We all have commitments, problems, families to care for, and misfortunes.

Some of us may be more fortunate than others. Some of us can’t simply organize or get any better at improving our lives.

We get in a tunnel were everything is dark and deep, and there is no way to find the way out. The more miserable we feel, the deeper we dig into the tunnel.

However, there are many things that can help you move from that tunnel, one step at a time.

Think about spending time outdoors, specially in contact with nature.

Feel the water running down a fall, a river or simple a creek. Breath the smell of flowers or just trees. Observe an animal, maybe simply a squirrel or a butterfly. Really, spend time in nature will improve you mood and will awaken your senses to be more receptive to other changes you might need to take in your life. Being outdoors will increase your vitality, which is essential when thinking about modifying your current lifestyle.

Still sceptic about it? Read this article: “Vitalizing Effects of being Outdoors and in Nature”

You can also explore options like meditation, yoga, listening to music, learn a new skill like drawing or cooking, save some time a week to play a board game with your kids, go to a concert or find time to have a coffee with a friend. Just look for those activities that may help you feel good and optimistic.

An optimistic way of thinking, living, and feeling can help  tremendously when coping with your more-or-less complicated life and misfortune. And being optimistic is not only about seeing rainbows (check this article!) but can also help you build your new project in life! And it can certainly help you tremendously when trying to change things in your life like adopting a Weight Loss Program.

More about Optimism: “Optimism and the Power of Positive Thinking”.

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