How to Build Muscles in Your Abdominal Area to Help Weight Loss: 3 Exercises with No Equipment [Video]

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Video: How to Build Muscles in Abdominal Area to Help Weight Loss. 3 Exercises. No Equipment.

Confession time: How often did you want to go to the gym but couldn't find the time or the energy?

But did you know that fifteen-minute sessions of the most effective exercises 2-3 times a week are enough to get you in shape?

In the 5 minutes video you'll find in this post, I'll show you three strength building exercises you can do at home to build muscles in your abdominal area, which will help you lose weight.

Plus, you can practice those exercise anywhere. You only need a gym mat, or a couple of folded towels on the floor.

Why Do Exercises Keep You in Shape?

When you are watching your weight or trying to lose weight, developing muscles is very important. 

Muscles are your own internal energy burning machine that works constantly, even when you are not active, burning much more energy than fat.

Also, when you are losing weight, 25 percent of the weight loss will be in the form of muscle, and therefore you need to recover the muscle loss.

An additional benefit of strength training is it helps shape your body.

In This Video...

In this 5 minutes video, I'll show you three easy yet effective Pilates exercises that will help you build muscles in your abdominal area.

No matter how much you exercise per week and how fit you are, Pilates and core exercises are essential. They give you strength in the core of your body - the abdominal area and lower back.

When the core of the body becomes strong, you will cope with many other types of exercise much better.

Plus, your posture improves dramatically, resulting in a better figure and better well-being with less back pain (especially important, if you spend your day sitting in an office).

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Arantxa Mateo

Arantxa is a trained biologist, nutrition specialist and weight management coach. Born in Spain, she spent 5 years in Australia before moving to the US. Her motto is "Food is a pleasure. Nobody deserves to be on a diet."

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  • #1

    Mary Ann (Tuesday, 12 July 2016 14:54)

    I found the video helpful. Thank you.

  • #2

    Aranzazu Mateo (Wednesday, 13 July 2016 10:10)

    I am glad you found the video helpful. Hopefully you have also seen Video 2 of the same "Abdominal Area" series: I am planning to post a few more videos about easy exercises for different parts of the body, so stay tune!

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