Fitness Tracker’s Buying Guide

Fitness Tracker's Buying Guide

Have you hear that a fitness tracker can help you achieve your fitness and wellness goals but you are confused about which is the right fitness tracker for you?

We are here to help…

Although there are certain concerns about the effectiveness of the fitness trackers and in fact I published a guest post about the topic: how well do fitness trackers work?, the truth is that many of you like the idea of owing and using one.

If you have decided that a fitness tracker is something that may help you accomplish your wellness goals, make sure that you chose the right one. 

Here you have my last guest post: a fitness tracker’s buying guide that will help in you in making the right decision on what to choose.


Almost all the fitness trackers have a clip that hooks it to one’s clothes or are wrist worn or have both of these designs. Others are worn at the neck and others at the waist. There are other pendants and bracelets for the fit bit and misfit that makes them easier to accessorize.

Most of these devices are simple since you can wear them all day without even interacting with them. If you want a fitness tracker that does not look like a tracker, consider the one with a watch style, since from the outside it just looks like an analog watch. These watches are usually very useful in calculating the steps and calories that have been burned.

Water Resistance

There is a high likelihood that you get in touch with water during the day. It is advisable that you look for a waterproof fitness tracker that is water resistant instead of having to put it on and off every time.


Most fitness trackers show how many calories have been burned with the steps taken. Others also monitor the distance you have traveled and even the quality of your sleep. If your favorite exercise is climbing stairs, then maybe you should opt for a tracker that has a standard accelerometer and an altimeter.


Most fitness trackers are made to sync with smartphones. Make sure that the fitness device that you are considering is well-matched with your handset. Most of these trackers sync with Android and IOS. However, there are others that are only compatible with iPhones.

Are you interested in counting calories burned?

I you are one of those people obsess with calorie counting and what you really want to know is how many calories are you burning, a calorie counter watch may be your best choice. Make sure that you get a device that is best suited to practice your favorite activity. For example, if you are into swimming, then get a calorie counting watch that is waterproof. 

Fitness Tracker Apps

Some Apps help log in the details of your workouts. That’s very useful, especially if your exercise routine includes different exercises and you want more accurately which ones help burn more calories. 

Many of the tracker apps help you change the data about the time that you slept and that time when you woke up.


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