Dance Styles That Can Give Some Help to Lose Weight

Dance Styles that Can give you some help to lose weight

Do you want to look strong and lose that cumbersome weight while you have fun? There are certain dance styles that when practiced on top of a healthy diet, can help to lose weight. If you have tried exercising and failed, you should try dancing. It is much more fun! Frequent dancing can also help to lower blood pressure, improve cholesterol levels, and lead to a slower heart rate. 

Here are some different dance styles that can give some help to lose weight.


This Latin American dance style is both exhilarating and intricate, and it has gained popularity in dance studios and nightclubs. Salsa draws inspiration from dance styles such as merengue, combia, and bomba. When dancing salsa, you will repeat a pattern of six steps over eight counts of music and combine them with several turns. You can lose up to 400 calories an hour when dancing this style.


This dance routine allows you to move freely without following too many rules. Apart from help to lose weight, freestyle dance can also help you to become more flexible. When dancing this style, make sure that you choose music with fast-paced beats to boost your energy. You can dance alone or with a group of people.


This eccentric style combines salsa, hip-hop, and rumba to create a cardio workout. If you go to most gyms, you will find zumba instructors who aim to make exercise interesting. For this dance style, you do not need to have a partner. Moreover, most of the moves will isolate your abs, legs, and arms, and make them stronger.

As one of the most demanding dance styles in the world, you will be shedding that extra weight in no time. If you cannot afford to sign up for a class, you should consider buying a DVD and follow the instructions in the video.


Although many people do not think of ballet when they think of dancercise, it can help to lose weight. In fact, most ballet moves require precision and strength. Over time, this dance style will help you to build lean and strong muscles. Some moves in ballet are comparable to gym exercises, making it great for weight loss.

Hip Hop

This urban dance style is very popular amongst revelers who go to nightclubs. It has quick succession movements that allow you to work out your entire body. Hip-hop dance style is great for novices and veterans: as a beginner, you should start with the basic dance moves and keep advancing your movements as you become more confident.

You can watch a dance video and imitate the moves and burn up to 250 calories per day while having fun.

Belly Dancing

This exotic dance style helps you to tone your abs, hips, and back. Belly dancing involves controlled and slow isometric movements that help you to improve circulation and flexibility. When you shake your lower body and belly, you will shape your rear end – who does not want a shapelier butt?

Belly dancing is a low impact dance form that does not stress feet bones thus improving your bone density. You can teach yourself how to belly dance by attending dance classes or watching videos.  

Pole Dancing

Although this type of dancing might not seem effective to you, you should know that the rotating and climbing involved burn calories. Dancing on the pole for thirty minutes is the same as working out for twenty minutes at the gym.

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