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Kids & Weight Management · 03. November 2016
22 Delicious Healthy Snacks for Children
Why do we need to learn about 22 delicious healthy snacks for children? We live in the “Snack Era”, always in a hurry with no time for a proper meal. More often than we desire, we don’t have time to stop and eat calmly and therefore some of us survive on snacks.
09. May 2014
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18. March 2014
Home » Blog » Kids and Weight Management
11. March 2014
I keep encountering articles related to kids and weight loss management. I wonder if it is because the topic is raising more and more attention, if I am becoming more sensitive because my daughters are getting older (7 & 12) and getting into that age I call “the fine line between being overweight and having an eating disorder”. Or, if it is because I have finished my book, and my next step is to write and adapt my 32 Mondays Method to tweens and teens. For one reason or another I have...
05. October 2013
Kids Alert Sign
Helping Your Child Reach and Maintain a Healthy Weight This is a very difficult topic and I just came across this article from a great organization: It is a very well organized and written article that doesn’t need to have anything added. I hope you enjoy it. The article analyses the causes for weigh problems and obesity in children, gives 7 tips to help address the problem, and give resources, references and where to find more help. The 7 tips they offer are: Get the whole...

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