Weight Management Courses for Kids As Young As 10 Years Old Introduced in UK.

It is never, EVER, too early to learn anything, especially if what we are talking about is weight management and in the end, health.

There is an initiative of a weight management for kids as young as 10 in the UK. The initiative is based in an educational program over 12 weeks.

Anything educational over a long enough period of time to allow the kids (and no kids) to learn and assimilate the lessons learned is going the right direction. 

Some programs have failed for being too authoritative and restrictive, like the change in food offers in the school’s cafeterias in the US, where many kids left the lunch table hungry. It is not easy to design a good weight loss management program. But except for the mention that video games are to blame for the increase of overweight kids (come on, you are what you eat!), this sounds like a good initiative. 

I'll post more about it when I have more information and if I still think it is worth it and interesting enough.

By the way, did you have a nourishing, health, satisfying and yummy lunch? 

Chicken and vegetable soup with lots of chicken and some brown rice for me. Plus a baked apple and two large pieces of dark chocolate with almonds with my coffee. That was after some Pilates, light weight training, 20 minutes run with my buddy Luna.  I feel great! 

Can you teach that to your kids? 

Read the article here.

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