Arantxa Mateo's Weight Management Course

Arantxa Mateo's Weight Management Course

Recently, I had the pleasure to be interviewed by Jacques Hopkins. If you are interested in learning a bit more about me, what I do, my believes, my commitment to my students and my confidence that I can help you have a better life if you let me teach you how, I think you should listen to the interview.  

This is how Jacques introduced me: 

"Not too long ago I had the pleasure of having Arantxa Mateo come on the show to discuss her online course business. There are a lot of weight loss plans and diets out there, but she has a different approach to the concept of weight management. Arantxa is very invested in her students’ success, and it was great to speak with her about her online course. Along the way, we chatted about some challenges specific to her niche and some advice that will be useful no matter what you plan to teach in your own course!"

People are not looking for perfection. They are looking for you to solve their problem.

-Arantxa Mateo

You can listen to the interview HERE

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