The Perfect Healthy Dinner for Weight Loss: Cauliflower Cream that Taste Like Mashed Potato

Healthy Dinner for Weight Loss

Are you looking for recipes easy to make and to remember that are quick, yummy, healthy and weight management friendly, to incorporate in your day to day? There is one that makes the perfect healthy dinner for weight loss. 

It is one of my most precious secrets: my vegetable creams, specially my cauliflower cream that taste like mashed potato.

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Healthy Filling Meals: Pork Tenderloin with Orange Juice.

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Healthy Filling Meals: Pork Tenderloin with Orange Juice
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Easy Beans Recipe; Weight Management Friendly

Easy beans, weight management friendly

Easy beans, another weight management friendly recipe of my healthy filling meals series

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Weight Loss Management Friendly Apple Tart

Weight Los Management Friendly Apple Tart

Desserts tend to be the weight loss management demons, as part of my healthy filling meals series I wanted to offer you a decadent apple tart to enjoy guilt free. Because you really need to eat to lose weight, including dessert!

The secret of this tart is to try to “caramelize” or “toast” the apple using as less butter and sugar as possible. It is a sort of “Tarte Tatin” but with many less calories!!!!

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