How to Keep Track of Your Weight Loss (Without Being Obsessed).

Weight management is not only about pounds. It is also about how you see yourself and feel about your body.

You should learn to enjoy that feeling of physical and psychological improvement. That felling of empowerment you get when you manage your weight appropriately.

When you use the scale to monitor your weight loss progress, you probably always end up stressed. Yet, how much you actually weigh is a very debatable question.

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How to Determine Your Healthy Weight and Set Realistic Weight Loss Goals.

Estimated reading time: 8.5 minutes.

In this article, you'll learn about:

  1. Objective and subjective criteria for healthy weight
  2. Body Mass Index (BMI), and why it's not enough
  3. Waist circumference, and why it matters
  4. How to practically determine your healthy weight
  5. How to set realistic weight loss goals

One of the main questions that you will have once you've decided to follow a weight management program will be: “What are my weight loss goals?”

This question feels especially difficult to answer if you have been gaining weight over a longer period of time and lost track of your healthy weight.

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