13 Tips to Keep Your Weight Under Control This Halloween.

Are you already wondering how to keep your weight under control this Halloween?

Here are some tips that work much better than trying to go into a diet the day after.

Before Halloween

1. This one is a classic: Don’t buy any candy before Oct 31 to avoid temptations having it at home. (Plus you know you’ll save money in your candy right?)

2. If you didn’t follow my advice number 1 or you got it too late, keep the candy out of sight!

3.  Unless you were really short last year (which I doubt!) buy less candy this year to have less leftovers.

4. Buy candy that you don’t like (if there is any) or at least the one that you like less.

During Trick-Or-Treating

5. DO NOT eat candy during trick-or-treating. PERIOD!

After the Spooky Night

6. If you didn’t follow my advice 4, select what you can’t really live without it and have a pile labelled “to save”.

7. Make a pile with the rest of candy with a label “to donate” (you can do it!).

8.  Choose 3 pieces from the “to save” pile that you are going to eat AFTER dinner (to avoid a sugar rush).

9. Keep the “to save” pile out of sight.

10. Make the commitment to eat only 1 piece per day as a treat (always after your lunch or dinner to avoid sugar peaks).

11. Decide who are you going to donate the candy to and make bags with labels to avoid “stealing” from them (Local Homeless Shelter, Soup Kitchen, Army etc.).

12. DO NOT bring candy to work. It is more difficult to stay away if by any chance, you are tired, bored, anxious or you name it! (not that it happens at work but…).

13. Whatever candy you eat, do it mindfully and enjoy it! What’s the point of stuffing with fat and sugars if you are not really aware of it and you don’t really appreciate it?&

Happy Halloween!

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