How to Reduce Sugar Intake. 15 Tips to Implement Today.

Sugar is your enemy when trying to lose weight, but cutting down on the sugar you eat can be quite challenging.

Here are some practical solutions for re-educating your taste buds and getting used to less sugar you can start implementing today.

1. Learn about sugars.

Learn different names for sugar as they are used on the food labels. You can do it using this list of 69 different names for sugar.

2. Read product labels

Read product labels to identify all sugar, especially the high-fructose corn syrup hidden in many products.

3. Cut all direct sugar.

Do you love coffee with loads of sugar? Use less each week until you get used to drinking it without sugar. This may take some time, but just the purity of coffee’s flavor makes it worthwhile.

4. Forget about candy.

Are you a candy lover who enjoys all the gummies, candy canes, and other the sugary beauties on sale? Forget about them! They´ll only make you gain weight. They are 100 percent sugar with nothing added to help reduce its direct absorption (like fiber, fat, or protein), and they make your insulin mechanisms go haywire. And throw the rest to the garbage!

5. Choose your cereal correctly.

Love cereals in the morning? Forget about all the ones you see in the commercials. Go for the organic ones—whole grain if possible—with nothing added. Add just some fruit—blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, bananas—and some low fat milk or yogurt and granola if you need it a little bit sweeter. Read my article about healthy cereal choices. Read my post "How to Choose my Breakfast Cereals".

6. Eat (more) chocolate!

Substitute the candy bars you used have for your after-meal treats for pure chocolate (65 percent or more cacao).

7. Bake with less sugar.

Cook or bake your own sweets using 50 percent of the suggested amount of sugar.

8. Eat your sweets at the right time.

8.Eat all sweets after your main meals to stop direct absorption of sugar when mixed with other nutrients, such as fiber.

9. Say "yes" to low-sugar ice cream.

Choose low-sugar ice cream. Check for those with less than 17 grams of sugar per serving.

10.  Say "no" to sugar in dairy.

Go for unsweetened yogurts, milk, and other dairy.

11. Avoid all drinks with added sugar.

12. Avoid fruit juices or drink them with the fruit pulp.

13. Avoid artificial sweeteners.

Your body doesn’t really know the difference with the real one so you will maintain your sugar passion.

14. Don't eat too much fruit.

Limit yourself to two servings of fruit per day, and eat after a meal or as a snack with some protein or fat.

15. Watch the carbs.

Understand that highly processed carbs (white bread, pasta, rice) is nothing else that a form of sugar just a bit more complex. Thing about those like sugars and try to avoid them as much as possible and always respect the serving size. Get a copy of my Free e-book and learn Why GI & GL are Important to Lose Weight

Happy Weight Loss!


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