22 Delicious Healthy Snacks for Children

22 Delicious Healthy Snacks for Children

Why do we need to learn about 22 delicious healthy snacks for children?  We live in the “Snack Era”, always in a hurry with no time for a proper meal. More often than we desire, we don’t have time to stop and eat calmly and therefore some of us survive on snacks. 

I talk about it in one of my guest posts that has been published in healthymomsmagazine.net.

What does it mean for your kids? Are we being bad parents? Are we nourishing our kids appropriately? Are they having too much sugar and feeding our food cravings? Are we raising future sugar addicts? What makes a snack healthy? How do we make sure that our kids find the snack delicious so they eat it?     

As a mother of two girls, ages 14 and 10, and being a nutrition specialist, I get it. I have been there for many years and I am still there. Driving up and down between ballet and swimming lessons, rehearsals and competitions, it is impossible to always get proper meals so I rely on healthy and nourishing snacks.

Being a working mom is hard, and trying to feed our kids healthy while we’re always on the go is harder. 

Wouldn't be nice to know exactly what makes a snack healthy?


My professional philosophy is that in order to be able to change things we first need to understand the Why’s.

In this post I would like to explain what I personally consider: 

  • What makes a snack “healthy”,
  • Why it’s difficult to manage sugary treats and why we should care,

And give practical solutions

  • What can you do to manage the amount of sugary treats your kids are having and 
  • How to implement a plan to make things happen,

And finally

  • A list of 22 Delicious Healthy Snacks for Children,

It approaches the very sensitive and emotional issue of feeding our kids healthy snacks under a more practical point of view. I provide the necessary information and give practical and easy ways to apply advice rather than just an emotional approach. 

Read my guest post article: 22 Delicious Healthy Snacks for Children that has been published in healthymomsmagazine.net 


Weight Management Courses for Kids As Young As 10 Years Old Introduced in UK.

It is never, EVER, too early to learn anything, especially if what we are talking about is weight management and in the end, health.

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