Don't Be Afraid to Buy More Food. Stock to Feed Your Weight Loss Management Efforts.

Stock to Feed your weight loss management efforts

Some of the healthier products included in a healthy grocery shopping recommended in a diet or weight loss management program are more expensive than conventional ones. Learn how to stock them to have to get the benefits paying less for them.

Organic fruits and vegetables, grass fed meats, organic chicken, natural non-processed products are always more expensive. Other products, contrary to what people think, are not. For most of the products, it is worth to pay the extra cost to get the benefits from them.

When products you like are on sale or at reduced prices, I always suggest you buy extra. If they are perishable and need to be used soon, think about meals you can prepare with them, and stock the rest.

Remember you extend the life of a product once you cook it and you can freeze the leftovers for later in the week. If you learn how to use those sales and stock or use them before they get past their expiration date, you can save much more money than you would ever think you could, and compensate for some of the extra cost of the healthier food.

You need to be very focused to manage the extra stock you buy. Organize your cabinets to make room for nonperishable stock. Clean up your refrigerator for things that don’t really need to be refrigerated. Organize the refrigerator and freezer to make room for your fresh products and cooked meals.

Plan your meals according to product availability. Let’s say that organic chicken and mushrooms are on sale.

Buy more. Cook more. Cook a large amount of chicken with mushrooms and freeze the leftovers to be eaten in two weeks’ time. I recommend you get transparent containers to be able to see and control better what’s in your refrigerator and freezer.

Start right now and learn about healthy grocery shopping . Learn where to find your products, and where to buy them. You will need to have all this information ready and be able to act quickly after you start any diet or weight loss plan or program that requires you to prepare healthy filling meals, including 32 Mondays Weight Loss Management Program.


Make a grocery store list template with different parts like:

  • The essentials: you always buy them—milk, fruit, vegetables, ham, cheese, yogurt, bread, fish, chicken
  • The weekly: what you need for the week: beef, mushrooms, half and half, chicken thighs
  • The specials: special offers for the week: organic blueberries or strawberries, organic chicken broth or tomato juice, olive oil, special fish or meat to freeze        
  • Other: what you always need to have stored at home: soap, napkins, pasta, rice, toilet paper, etc.    

You can have it in the computer and just change the weekly ones, or even printed, adding manually the weekly specials.

Over time, you will learn to have everything in your mind and you won’t need any list to remind you what to buy and which special to check every time.

I know we are talking about hard work. In my 32 Mondays Weight Loss Management Program, I ask my clients to keep a food journal and to change the way they shop, plan meals, cook, etc. But we are talking about changing habits and unhealthy conditions that took you years to develop.

Yes, it is hard work, but it investment to undo years of bad habits. Keep in mind how much energy and time consuming it is for a diabetic to check their blood sugar levels daily and to manage their medication.

The same with hypertension and other diseases developed as a result of bad nourishment.

Come on! Your time is better spent on learn to manage your weight once and for all with a program like 32 Mondays than on taking care of yourself once you are sick.


Remember that it is very important to eat to lose weight!  You can find some healthy recipes "healthy filling meal series" that you can use as ideas to start using your extra stock that help you lose weight:

Always remember to maintain the healthy portion sizes when you are planning your meals and serving the plates. 

And if you want a healthy eating plan to lose weight you can use my template, which is full of meal options for a whole week. 

Over to You!

What are you planning to stock this week? 

Share it with me!!

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