Thinking of Skipping Dinner? With These 5 Tips You Can Eat to Lose Weight Instead!

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My motto is "Food is a pleasure. Nobody deserves to be on a diet.", which also means that you don't have to stay hungry (and unhappy) to lose weight.

So if you are thinking about skipping dinner, eat to lose weight instead with these tips on how and what to eat for dinner without guilty conscience.

1. Don't Starve Yourself Before Dinner

When you feel very hungry at dinner time, you will be less patient waiting for your food. Thus, it will be much harder to make the healthy food choices and not just order in or throw something store-bought out of a package in a microwave.

Have the right lunch every day to be able to get to your dinner balanced and not starving. Check my post full of tips about weight loss friendly lunch here.

Also, don't forget to have a healthy snack between lunch and dinner, if you would have to go 4 hours without food otherwise.

2. Cook Your Own Meal

Cooking your own meal is essential to learn how to eat to lose weight.

Sure, to order in or to buy processed food from a store seems like an appealing option. It tastes great and saves time.

However, together with such foods, you will consume a lot of ingredients that are harmful to your body that will make you crave for more, and this is not the kind of "eat to lose weight" I was talking about.

To be able to control what you eat, which is essential when you are trying to lose or maintain your weight, you have to learn how to cook your own meals.

This does not necessarily means that you need to slave for hours in the kitchen or eat boring food. It's all about organization, practice, and right recipes. Give it a try. The results will surprise you.

3. Use the Right Ingredients

You need to be weight management smart at the grocery store. Learn how and what to buy to avoid being seduced by the so nicely packed highly processed food (aka the worst enemies of weight loss) which are calling you from the shelves.

I'm planing to share with you my tips on shopping wisely in one of my next posts (subscribe not to miss it).

4. Eat the "Right" Dinner

Besides sticking to healthy portion sizes, the two main rules for your dinner in terms of weight management and weight loss are to avoid carbohydrates and to eat light dinner.


The short answer to this question: Because you would like to lose as much weight as possible while you sleep.

There is a hormone that burns fat and helps you lose weight, Human Growth Hormone (HGH). It works at night, after you fall asleep. But in order to work properly, it needs to have little easy accessibly energy available, otherwise it won't “dig” into your fat reserves. This is why sugars and carbohydrates are not a good food choice at night.

A light dinner is necessary to activate another hormone, Ghreline, which helps HGH work much better during your sleeping time.

So, basically, your weight loss friendly dinner should include:

  • Vegetables (avoid potatoes which are too rich in carbohydrates).
  • Light protein (egg, tofu, fish, cheese, small piece of meat, etc.).
  • A fruit or dairy product (kefir, yogurt) with no sugar added.

If you must, use a tiny bit of sugar or some fruit.

As you can see, by eating your dinner in a right way, you don't only get to eat to lose weight, but also to sleep to lose weight.

5. Play With the Ingredients

If you love your food as I do, try to be creative. For example, one week cook scrambled eggs and mushrooms, and another week a mushroom omelet. Same ingredients, different presentation.

Vegetable stir fries with some meat or chicken also offer a lot of room for experiments, as well as vegetable creams. Have you tried my cauliflower cream yet? Zucchini, pumpkin and mushroom creams are also super easy and fast to cook.

Remember to eat fish twice a week or even better, have your omega 3 pills, absolutely necessary to lose weight and abdominal fat!

Seems like too big of a change? Try one step at a time!

If none of it describes your eating habits and it seems like too big of a change, try implementing only one piece of advice at a time.

For example, start with eating proper lunches and a snack not to feel too hungry at dinner time. Spend a couple of weeks on it, make it habit so that it feels naturally. Then choose the next piece of advice and concentrate on following it as well.

Taking it step-by-step and letting your body adjust to the changes slowly increases your chances to succeed.

Share this! Nobody deserves to go to bed hungry!

Over to You!

How do you eat your dinner? Any favorite recipes you'd like to share?

Leave me a comment or ask me anything!

I'd love to hear from you!

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Arantxa Mateo

Arantxa is a trained biologist, nutrition specialist and weight management coach. Born in Spain, she spent 5 years in Australia before moving to the US. Her motto is "Food is a pleasure. Nobody deserves to be on a diet."

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  • #1

    sunday john (Saturday, 03 February 2018 15:03)

    can i lose weight without eating meat i mean a vegan diet

  • #2

    Arantxa (Monday, 05 February 2018 14:00)

    Hi John,

    Thanks for steeping in.

    Of course you can lose weight with a vegan diet! Just make sure you look for good sources of protein, like beans. Check my post Are beans fattening? to learn more about beans and how to use them for weight management purposes:



  • #3

    JB (Thursday, 19 July 2018 14:50)

    I was directed here from your article: Are Beans Fattening. I'm a newly diagnosed diabetic and both of these articles are so helpful. Thanks so much.

  • #4

    Arantxa Mateo (Friday, 20 July 2018 15:00)

    Hi JB,

    I am sorry to hear that you have recently been diagnosed with diabetes. There are many things that you can do to improve your condition and even reverse it! Make sure that you read my free e-book about glycemic index and glycemic load and that you get my recently published book where I focus in blood sugar balance, weight management and healthy living. You can buy it here:

    Take care!

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