10 Weight Management Tips to Quit Your Diet and Achieve Your Long Term Weight Loss Goals

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10 Weight Loss Management Tips to Quit your Diet

If you don’t know how to quit your intensive weight loss management program, you are tired of dieting, you are lost in your own way to try to keep your weight under control or simply you want to learn more about reaching your long term weight loss goals, this post is for you. Here you have 10 great weight loss management tips to help you.  

Why is it so difficult to quit a diet or intensive weight loss management program?

The problem with very intensive and/or restrictive programs is that they specify everything you have to do. Even the top weight loss programs still have in common that they all make you follow specific instructions so you don’t have the opportunity to learn too much. Although I don’t like those intensive weight loss management programs and I personally don’t recommend them, it is true that they may work for some of you and can help you lose weight. The problem comes when you are done with the program and you want to go back to be an “independent eater”. How do you quit the weight loss management program and not gain all the weight you have lost or even more?

You haven’t learned much while following such program…

Even if you choose the most successful weight loss program for you, -yes, one of the top 10 weight loss programs everybody is talking about-,  the reason why it is difficult to figure out what to do from now on is that you haven’t learned anything while following the program! You count points, follow a restrictive menu plan, eat all the nutrition aids… but you don’t know why you do this or that, and therefore you are totally lost when you are on your own with no points, menu plan or you consultant to direct you at every step. 

What should you do from now on?

Well, the truth is that you don’t need the exact directions but you do need to be able to apply the most relevant aspects to be able to be in control of your weight.  You can easily learn the necessary to be your own guide with this 10 weight management tips. 

10 weight loss management tips to quit dieting and achieve your long term weight loss goals

1. Be realistic about your weight goals and learn about your healthy weight.

Don’t be scared. It is true that you might gain some weight back. The truth is that if your diet has been very restrictive it is impossible that you can keep all the weight off unless you stay with those very restrictive eating rules. Makes sense, right?

Having said so, if you follow these tips you’ll be able to get in control and not gain too much weight.

So, in order to learn about your healthy weight and be realistic about your weight loss goals you also have to accept that some weight might come back. 

 2. Accept, understand and assimilate that you are a new you. 

You are not in a very restrictive diet anymore and you are now a new person, lighter and healthier. You need to follow a program   to eat differently to what you were doing before that restrictive diet you used, unless you want to go back to where you were before!. 

Forget about weight loss myths, like weight loss management is only calories in and calories out. Learning, understanding and applying new concepts and habits will stay with you forever if you want to keep your weight under control. Weight management is made of habits. 

 3. There are certain foods and attitudes that need to stay off limits! 

From now on you’ll have a ‘normal’ way of eating that does not include dieting, nor eating extravaganzas, like fast food hamburgers with artificial bread, meat and cheese and greasy bacon, a large steak full of hormones and added fat or a triple portion size of pasta with Alfredo sauce. You know that huge decadent chocolate cake? The trans-fat rich cookies from the supermarket or a three portion size of pancakes with double maple syrup? Not even if it is “only once”. They are off limits. You don’t need that. You never did! But now that you have lost weight and your stomach has probably shrunk and you have stayed away from that food, not only you need it less than ever but it’ll be easier to make the habit of never, EVER go back to any of those excesses anymore.  

4. Be rational: follow the portion sizes!

5.  Eat to lose weight and stay that way by following the right menu plan with the right combination of food groups and the right number of meals per day.

Eat every 3-4 hours so you are not hungry and you can respect the portion sizes. No more food cravings!

6.- Get a  healthy eating plan to lose weight if you want to use it as a guide to create your own every week. The proper diet to lose weight is nothing more but what works for you! Even if you have chosen one of the healthy weight loss programs you have to make it happen for your needs.  You can use mine if you want to.

7 .Don’t skip meals. Don’t even dream about skipping dinner. It just won´t help. Learn why you should never skip dinner.  

8- Use your brain rather than trying to use willpower (it never works!) Find out why here.

9. Use protein shake substitutes when you are deviating from where you want to be. Are they a good choice for you?

10. Be an active person. Make sure that you do at least 30 min of moderate exercise each day and some sort of strength training exercise 2-3 times a week. You can have some ideas for core exercises watching my core exercise post with video 1 and 2.


Remember that you can get healthy weight loss management tips and weight loss advice by following my blog and there is no better way to never miss one of my posts than by registering to my weekly newsletter. 

Thank you for reading and I hope you found these tips helpful!

Over to You!

How much of all the information are you planning to use? 

I'll love to know!

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